MLIS/MA Women's Studies

Students will acquire skills in information organization and retrieval and will be prepared to handle the information sources and services in the area of Women's Studies. Students will become knowledgeable about relevant information seeking behavior and broader policy issues, and familiar with research, issues, and scholarship in the interdisciplinary fields of Women's Studies.

Prospective Careers

The Master of Library and Information Science/Master of Art in Women's Studies program prepares students for positions as information specialists in institutions of higher learning, libraries and research centers which frequently require a subject masters in addition to an MLIS.

Credit Requirements

The MLIS/MA Women's Studies program consists of 54-57 credits, 24 of which are in Women's Studies, and the remaining 30 in Library and Information Science.  Students enrolled in this program concurrently pursue the MS degree in Women's Studies (24 credits) and the MLIS degree (30 credits). Candidates for the coordinated degree program will be expected to fulfill the degree requirements of both programs. Degrees will be awarded simultaneously.

Required SOIS Courses

  • INFO ST 501 Foundations of Library and Information Science
  • INFO ST 511 Organization of Information
  • INFO ST 571 Information Access and Retrieval
  • INFO ST 591 Research in Library and Information Science
  •  Electives selected in consultation with advisor (18 credits)
It is recommended that students take the following two courses as electives:
  • INFO ST 861 (820) Seminar in Intellectual Freedom
  • INFO ST 891 Advanced Topics in Library and Information Science (with appropriate topics such as Feminism or Librarianship and Information)

Required Women's Studies Courses

  • WMNS 401 Global Feminisms
  • WMNS 700 Feminist Issues and Scholarship
  • WMNS 710 Advanced Feminist Theory
  • WMNS 711 Advanced Feminist Research Methods
  • WMNS 990 Research and Thesis. 1-3 cr. G. (Thesis Option Only)
  • Electives selected in consultation with Grad Chair (9 credits)

NOTE: Six credits taken in INFO ST also count as electives for a total of 15 crs electives.  Total WMNS credits are 24 (27 with thesis).

Students may take up to 6 credits from other non-SOIS courses cross-listed with Women's Studies as electives


Students are admitted to both graduate programs separately and admission requirements are consistent with those specified by the UWM Graduate School, the MA in Women's Studies program in the College of Letter & Science, and the MLIS program of the School of Information Studies.

MLIS Program Advisor

Laretta Henderson, Associate Dean/Associate Professor
Phone: (414) 229-3055

Women's Studies Program Advisor

Anna Mansson McGinty, Director of Graduate Studies
Ph: 229-5918