Application instructions for school librarian licensure

For the 1902 Wisconsin Library Media Specialist license:

When you have completed all of the courses and activities required for licensure, as outlined in your individual program plan, you should complete the School of Education’s data form.  That form will be submitted to UWM’s Certification Office.  You may contact Kathy Berry at that office using this email address if you have questions about the form: .  You also need to send an email to the School Library Media Coordinator  so that your individual certification program plan and ePortfolio may be examined. When your ePortfolio is approved and the completion of your individual program plan is verified, the SOIS School Library Media Coordinator will contact UWM’s Certification Officer by email, copying the applicant.  The Certification Officer will then approve your completion of the 1902 program in the DPI’s online system.  Your license application will not be processed by the DPI until they have received this institutional endorsement from UWM.

Please see this page for additional information on using the DPI’s new Educator Licensing Online system: .

You may also find useful information on the School of Education’s ELO site:

Be sure to take a look at the checklist provided as well (the portion for graduate or non-degree candidates applies to SOIS 1902 applicants):

Please use the appropriate form and code to apply for your license.  Note that all school librarian licenses are granted for level “EC/A” (early childhood through adolescence, or k-12).  See the information below to be sure you use the correct form and code in your online application:

  • Students who do not hold a Professional-level teacher’s license will be requesting the Initial 1902 license.  These students should apply using the teacher first-time request for an Initial Educator form (T001-1020) with the subject area “1901-Library Media Specialist Non-renewable.”
  • Students who hold a Professional-level teacher’s license are eligible for the Professional-level 1902 upon completion of their SOIS certification program.  They use the ELO form to apply for a Professional Educator (T001-1030) with the subject area “1902-Instructional Library Media Specialist.”
  • Students who need to renew a 1-year emergency permit should consult this page for guidance:  The first emergency 1902 license is granted at the request of the district.  Subsequent 1902 emergency permits are granted when UWM confirms that the applicant has completed a minimum of 6 credits toward an approved certification program during the prior academic year.

For all applications to the DPI for a license, UWM must provide assurance that you have met the requirements for the license or for emergency renewal, so be sure to contact the School Library Coordinator ( when you are ready to apply.

For out-of-state school librarian licenses:

Out-of-State students should consult their own state’s educator licensing office to determine which forms are needed.  If the forms require UWM endorsement, please send your materials to:

Mary Wepking
UWM School of Information Studies
NWQ B 3489
P.O. Box 413
Milwaukee WI 53201-0413

This website maintains links for other states:

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