Library Media Certification Programs

Administrative rules and content standards for this license are found at the DPI Web site:
All candidates for certification will follow an individualized plan based on past coursework and professional experience, using this Certification Program Plan


The following SOIS courses are required for Library Media Certification in Wisconsin.

Information Studies:

  • 501 Foundations of Library and Information Science
  • 511 Organization of Information
  • 520 Managing Library Collection
  • 571 Information Access and Retrieval
  • 591 Research in Library and Information Science
  • 642 School Library Media Programs and Resources
  • 644 School Library Practicum
  • 645 Library Materials for Children
  • 646 Library Materials for Young Adults
  • 691 Spec Topics: Information Literacy Instruction
  • 711 Cataloging & Classification
  • 745 Library Services for Children and Young Adults
  • Choose 3+ credits in the following technology courses to meet standard:
    • 670 Production and Utilization of Instructional Technology
    • 685 Electronic Publishing and Web Design
    • 691 Spec Topics: Gaming and Information Literacy
    • 786 Multimedia

Curriculum & Instruction:

  • 701 Curriculum Planning (or equivalent)

Portfolio approval

Proficiency Exam (MLIS requirement)

We may only certify candidates who already hold a Wisconsin teaching license. Students in states other than Wisconsin must consult with their own licensing agencies to determine whether working with our program will meet that state's licensure requirements.

REQUIREMENTS: 91 Instructional Media Supervisor

Administrative rules and content standards for this license are found at the DPI web site

Anyone entering this program must have 3 years experience as an instructional library media specialist and a Master’s degree in library media.

Required coursework:
Information Studies:

  • 776 Administration of School Library Media Systems

Administrative Leadership:

  • 702 Educational Administration: A Survey of Theory and Practice
  • 712 Supervising Instructional Personnel
  • 812 Educational Personnel Administration


Based on DPI standards for this licensure

If you have already completed any of the above courses as an undergraduate or post-baccalaureate student, confer with your assigned faculty advisor about utilizing these courses to meet the Wisconsin certification requirement.

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