Academic Libraries Specialization

Description: Appropriate preparation for most careers in academic librarianship consists of the core courses, a selection of the strongly-recommended courses, practical experience, and a selection of specialized courses from the following list. Because some academic positions require extensive disciplinary knowledge (i.e., selector for geography or other academic discipline, law librarian, music librarian, etc.), they may require graduate degrees in those fields in addition to an MLIS. Specialized disciplinary courses related to sources and services in music, law, and cartographic collections, among others, can also be beneficial. Information literacy programs are central to the services of many academic libraries and some coursework or experience in instruction would be desirable.

Recommended Curriculum

Recommended courses:
520:  Managing Library Collections
521: Introduction to Reference Sources & Services
682:  Digital Libraries
691:  Information Literacy Instruction
735: The Academic Library
739:  Digital Information Services

Recommended Courses – Technical Services:
520:  Managing Library Collections
685:  Electronic Publishing & Web Design
711:  Cataloging & Classification
712:  Resource Description for Library Catalogs
713:  Subject Analysis for Library Catalogs
714:  Metadata

Depending on background and/or interests, one or more of the following:
627:  Music Librarianship
633:  Cartographic Resources in Libraries
738:  Legal Information Sources & Services
831:  Information Sources & Services in Social Sciences & Humanities
832:  Competitive Intelligence & Business Information
834:  Information Sources & Services in Science & Technology
835:  Information Sources & Services in the Health Sciences