MLIS Advising and Mentoring

MLIS Advising & Mentoring

Students thinking of enrolling in the MLIS program are welcome to meet and discuss their questions and concerns with one of the School's Graduate Academic Advisors. Once accepted by the School of Information Studies, students are expected to work closely with their advisors and their assigned faculty mentor to tailor a program that best suits their interests and career goals.

Faculty Mentors

At the time of admission to the master's degree program, a faculty mentor will be assigned to each student. The letter of admission to the master's degree program includes the name and contact information of the faculty mentor and an invitation to consult with him or her.

A faculty mentor can help the student choose appropriate courses and works with the student to plan a program of study, concentrating on courses that will strengthen the individual's career goals.

Students registering for their first semester in the program

An exception is made in the case of incoming students registering for their first semester in the program. If they are not able to see their assigned faculty mentor before beginning the program, the graduate academic advisor will act as interim mentor for the first semester only.

Changing faculty mentors

Students are free to change faculty mentors if they find another faculty member more closely matches their area of interest. Normally a student first asks the faculty member if he/she is willing to serve as their faculty mentor. Once agreed, the student should contact the SOIS Student Services Coordinator in order to record the change.

Graduate Academic Advisors

The graduate academic advisors can assist students with any program related issues, administrative functions, policies and procedures.