MLIS Computer Literacy Requirements

MLIS Computer Literacy Requirements

Computer Literacy Areas

SOIS assumes that incoming students possess a basic knowledge of information technologies. Instructors will assume the following on the first day of class unless otherwise stated:

Microcomputer System Software

A basic familiarity with relevant graphical user interface environments, e.g., Macintosh or Windows, including the ability to format and copy disks, create directories, copy, delete, and view files.

Word Processing

A basic ability to create, edit, save, print, and manipulate document files with at least one common commercial word processing program, such as Microsoft Word or WordPerfect.

Information Retrieval

Ability to use an online library catalog and to search bibliographic databases commonly found in a library, e.g., InfoTrac, Academic Index, Wilson indexes, ProQuest, at a basic level.

Data Communications and Networking

Students should be able to send, receive, and print electronic mail messages. In addition, they should have a basic familiarity with access to tools such as the World Wide Web using a graphical or text-based browser.

Basic Software Troubleshooting

Ability to perform basic troubleshooting by using online help and by following instructions in standard manuals.


Students without the listed competencies may acquire them before the first semester of enrollment by any of several means: