Core Curriculum

The MLIS is designed to provide: a general introduction that crosses all specialties (the four core courses); exposure to a range of knowledge and skill sets in the form of strongly-recommended general courses; and opportunities for students to focus on specialized topics, according to their career aspirations.


The Core

  • INFOST 501 Foundations of Library and Information Science
  • INFOST 511 Organization of Information
  • INFOST 571 Information Access and Retrieval
  • INFOST 591 Research in Library and Information Science
Mimimum Grade Requirement

Minimum Grade Requirement

Students must complete the core classes with a B or better (this does not include a B-)

Minimum Grade Requirement

The minimum grade requirement for each of the core courses is B (It does not include B-). If an MLIS student fails to meet this requirement, she/he is required to retake that core course. Students have only one chance to retake a failed core course. Students are responsible for the tuition of the retaken course. If a student fails to meet the minimum core course requirement, she/he cannot take another course in which that core course is a prerequisite until the requirement is met. A student who fails to receive a B (It does not include B-) or higher after retaking a core course will be recommended to the Graduate School for academic dismissal. (Effective: Fall 2004) 

Strongly Recommended Courses for all Specializations

The profession is traditionally divided into four major areas: academic libraries, public libraries, school library media centers, and special libraries and information centers. Some specializations, such as archives or digital libraries, can cross library types which means that the specialties below are not mutually exclusive.
  • INFOST 521 Introduction to Reference Services and Resources
  • INFOST 520 Managing Library Collections
  • INFOST 524 Management of Libraries and Information Services
  • INFOST 661 Ethics and the Information Society
  • INFOST 862 Legal Issues for Library and Information Managers
  • INFOST 990 Fieldwork in Library and Information Science Services