The Fieldwork course (990) is designed to provide library and information science students with practical experience. In the Master's program, the course is normally taken as the culminating educational activity prior to beginning a professional position. It is not intended for students who have had substantial previous work experience in libraries. An experienced student who desires or needs experience in a new type of librarianship might find this course to be particularly helpful. Postgraduates who are enrolled in the Certificate of Advanced Study program often enroll in the fieldwork course because they wish to change professional direction.

Fieldwork offers students an opportunity to test theory in practice, to work with people in everyday situations, and to relate materials to library experience. It can help bridge the gap between the classroom and the job. Students must have completed all core courses required prior to registering for the fieldwork experience.

For further information on fieldwork and placement in libraries and information centers, contact the SOIS Graduate Advisors.

Fieldwork Guidelines and Required Forms

These forms are in PDF format, which can be viewed and printed with Adobe Acrobat Reader.