MLIS Transfer of Credits

All transfer of credits is governed by the Graduate School regulations. (See UWM Graduate Academic Policies & Procedures for details.) In general, these regulations require that:

  • No more than 12 graduate credits may be transferred into a 30-credit UWM Master's degree program and no more than 14 may be transferred into a 36-credit program.
  • All 12 or 14 credits transferred may be in the field of library and information science; however, a maximum of 6 graduate credits not in library and information science but within an approved allied area may be transferred at the time of admission.
  • After admission to the program, and in special circumstances, up to 6 graduate credits may be earned at other institutions and transferred for credit. Students must obtain approval from their faculty mentor for such transfers before enrolling in such courses. These 6 graduate credits are considered as part of the maximum 12 or 14 credits that may be transferred.
  • All courses considered for transfer must have been taken no more than 5 years before admission to the Master's program at UWM.
  • A grade of "B" or higher must have been earned in each course.
  • Credits applied toward another graduate degree are not transferable except for already established coordinated Master's degree programs.
  • Credits in library and information science courses are eligible for transfer only from ALA accredited programs. Exceptions to this rule will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  • Requests to the Graduate School for transfer of previous credits must be made at the time of application for admission. Students must obtain written approval of the transfer within one semester of admission.
  • Both SOIS and the Graduate School must approve the transfer of credits.
Application for transfer of previous credits must be made during the first semester in the program. The Transfer Credit Evaluation Form is available from the Graduate School, SOIS and online at: The completed form is to be returned to the Graduate School.

Graduate Transfer of Credit Form

Please send the completed forms including transcripts of any non-UWM work to be evaluated to:
UWM Graduate School
Graduate Student Services
PO Box 340
Milwaukee, WI 53201-0340

Information Request Form