Proficiency Examination Registration

Fill out the below form to register for the School of Information Studies Proficiency Exam. An Exam ID#, which you will use in place of your name, will be issued to you 1 week prior to the exam. 

Exams questions will be available via D2L to all students taking the proficiency exam. Receipt of the exam is your responsibility. 

  • NOTE: You must have completed or met the following prior to taking the exam: 
    • All required core courses; 
    • Completed 60% of the total coursework or have 12 credit hours remaining in your MLIS program;
    • ALL deficiencies for the program must have been met. 

Registration does not obligate a student to take the exam. (If you are registered to take the exam but decided not to take the exam please notify us at your earliest convenience.) However, once the exam is accessed (viewed, downloaded, printed, etc.) by a student from the SOIS online course management system the student is committed to completing the Proficiency Examination, i.e., access “counts” as a taking of the exam and the student is required to submit answers to two questions per the instructions provided.


Proficiency Examination Registration Form