Proficiency Requirements

MLIS Proficiency Requirements

Regulations of the UWM Graduate School require that all candidates for graduate degrees “demonstrate proficiency to integrate the knowledge of that discipline” in which they obtain a degree. The faculty of the School of Information Studies (SOIS) has determined that this requirement be met through successful completion of either a proficiency examination or a thesis.

Option 1: Proficiency Exam

Students choosing the proficiency examination option must successfully pass a written examination. This written examination consists of a list of approximately 8-12 questions that are distributed at the start of the examination period from which students select two questions to answer. A student who fails the examination the first time may repeat it once. However, a student who fails the examination may not select the thesis option.

Exam Contacts

If you have registration or technical questions related to the proficiency exam option, please contact the following individuals.

Linda Barajas- Registration Information
Phone: (414)229-3316

Option 2: Thesis

Students may select the thesis option at any point in their course of study, but are encouraged to make this decision and form their thesis committee as early as possible to avoid the necessity of taking additional coursework.

Thesis Option Guidelines

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