Public Libraries Specialization (Children/Adult Services)

Description: Appropriate preparation for most careers in public librarianship consists of the core courses, fieldwork, and a selection of specialized courses from the following lists, depending on interests in public or technical services, or adult or children’s services.

Recommended Curriculum

Also consider Public Library transcript-designated concentration:

Recommended Courses – General:
736:  The Public Library
861:  Seminar in Intellectual Freedom
862:  Legal Issues for Library & Information Managers
691:  Infopreneurship

Recommended Courses – Public Services:
521: Introduction to Reference Sources & Services
721:  Readers and Readers Advisory
734:  Library Services for Adults
739:  Digital Information Services

Recommended Courses – Technical Services:
520:  Managing Library Collections
685:  Electronic Publishing & Web Design
711:  Cataloging & Classification
712:  Resource Description for Library Catalogs
713:  Subject Analysis for Library Catalogs
714:  Metadata

Recommended Courses – Children’s Services:
645:  Library Materials for Children
646:  Library Materials for Young Adults
741:  Multi-cultural Children’s Literature
745:  Library Services for Children & Young Adults