PhD Program Options Through SOIS

In addition to the PhD in Information Studies, the School of Information Studies participates in two other PhD programs in collaboration with other units on campus. These programs include:

Multidisciplinary PhD

Multidisciplinary PhD
The Multidisciplinary committee-directed Ph.D. program is designed for those highly qualified individuals whose research interests involve several disciplines in such a fashion that doctorates offered in traditional subject areas are not appropriate. Since information science can itself be considered an "interdisciplinary" field, our School is an active participant in the program. The multidisciplinary doctoral degree is awarded directly by the UW-Milwaukee Graduate School.

In conjunction with the doctoral advisory committee, each student plans coursework and other educational experiences to meet particular needs for subject knowledge and research skills. While students in this program must meet all general Graduate School requirements for the Ph.D., their specific program of study and research will be highly individualistic. They are expected to work very closely throughout their degree program with their doctoral advisory committee and major professor.

For more information please visit the UWM Graduate School Website.

PhD in Medical Informatics

Health Care Informatics

The PhD Program in Medical Informatics is a new interdisciplinary program offered by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in collaboration between several academic units at UWM and the Medical College of Wisconsin. The program is housed in the College of Engineering and Applied Science, and is guided by a Steering Committee consisting of faculty from the following participating units:

  • Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW)
  • College of Health Sciences (COHS)
  • College of Nursing (NUR)
  • School of Business Administration (SBA)
  • School of Information Studies (SOIS)
  • College of Engineering and Applied Science (CEAS)

Medical Informatics is a field that combines medical science and information technology. Students in the doctoral program will train to become future leaders in the use of information systems in healthcare delivery, research and education. A unique feature of this PhD program is its interdisciplinary approach. The program combines the collective strengths in the participating units to offer advanced training that integrates clinical and administrative applications of information technology in medicine and health care.

The program curriculum includes core course work in human pathophysiology, databases, medical informatics and medical ethics. Students can specialize in one of the following four areas of concentration:

  • Knowledge Based Systems
  • Health Services Management and Policy
  • Health Information Systems
  • Medical Imaging and Instrumentation

For more information about the Medical Informatics PhD program please go to the College of Engineering and Applied Science website.