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Major in Information Science & Technology (IST)

Building on a general undergraduate education, the IST program immerses students in information science; information architecture; human factors in information seeking and use; information organization, storage and retrieval; and applications of the Internet. Learn how information is retrieved, organized, manipulated, repackaged and applied in nearly every aspect of our increasingly digital culture and economy.
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IST Focus

The core courses in the IST program encompass the study of the concepts and tools of information science, information architecture, and information technology; all of which are fast becoming important tools of most disciplines.

Information Science

is the study of the organization, storage, retrieval, dissemination, and use of information.

Information Architecture

is investigation, analysis, organization, and implementation of information content where users' needs and specifications are the major importance.

Information Technology

is the collection of tools that make it possible to access and use information.

Characteristics of an IST Graduate

  • Highly skilled in software applications and Web 2.0 technologies
  • Cognizant of the role that information plays in society
  • Dedicated to providing a link between people and the information resources they need
  • Active in research that is pushing information in new directions
  • Specialist in the ethics and theory of information dissemination
  • Adaptable to the information needs of businesses, organizations, and institutions

Customize Your Program with a Minor or Certificate

The IST program notably allows students to customize their program by developing a focused area of study or by choosing a minor or certificate in another field. This flexibility enhances the IST degree and allows for specialized preparation and experience that prepares graduates for the varying career options available in the information professions. Students wishing to pursue a certificate or minor in another field are encouraged to make this decision early in their program, and speak to their academic advisor to plan their course of study.

BSIST + Minor

The flexibility within the IST program allows students to graduate with a bachelor's degree as well as up to two minors in other areas. Examples of fields that coordinate well with the IST degree include: computer science, business, health care administration, international studies, communications, and english.

BSIST + Certificate

The Health Care Informatics Certificate offered cooperatively with the UW-Milwaukee College of Health Sciences prepares students to understand, analyze and evaluate information technology used to perform admistrative and clinical tasks in a health care organization.

Program Options

Online Educational Opportunities

IST courses are offered onsite and online each Fall, Spring and Summer semester to accommodate students who are busy balancing work, family & school, or those who are just interested in learning without the constraints of a campus-based program. IST students may complete their IST degree online, onsite at UWM, or a blend of both. Please visit the IST FAQs page for more information.

UW flexible option

Use knowledge gained from past experience to make progress toward your IST degree. Learn more about the UW flexible option. http://flex.wisconsin.edu/