QR Codes

What's this black and white symbol I see on SOIS materials?

This 2-dimensional barcode is called a QR Code, which is readable by mobile phones. Given the prevalence of Internet-enabled mobile devices, QR Codes have emerged as an easy way to embed links and other information on just about any object.

What does it do?

If you scan the QR Code with your mobile phone's camera, you will be redirected to a relevant website. For example, QR Codes on brochures might point you to the website about the IST degree program, while scanning QR Codes on faculty doors take you to the SOIS directory.

How can I read them?

There are numerous applications available for the iPhone and Android-powered cellphones. Just search for "QR Code" in your application store or use one of the applications suggested below. Download one, and start scanning the QR Codes you see around campus!

Why is SOIS using QR codes?

As a school dedicated to exploring the role of information systems in society, SOIS is the first campus unit to widely utilize QR Codes. We see QR Codes both as useful marketing tools, as well as essential information systems that our students must understand and know how to deploy and manage.

Suggested Smartphone Applications