Research Centers & Groups

Center for Information Policy Research

CIPRThe Center for Information Policy Research (CIPR) is the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's multidisciplinary research center for the study of the intersections between the social, ethical, economic, legal, and technical aspects of information and information technologies. CIPR's research and scholarship focuses on such key information policy issues as intellectual property, privacy, intellectual freedom, access to information, censorship, cyberlaw, and the complex array of government, corporate, and global information practices and policies.
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Research Group for Information Retrieval 

RGIRThe mission of RGIR is to promote and stimulate research in different aspects of information retrieval (IR) including: but not limited to: information behavior, human computer interaction with IR systems, IR evaluation, IR design, information visualization, and multimedia retrieval.
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Information Intelligence & Architecture Research Lab

IIA LabWith funding support from major government agencies, the IIA lab serves as a hub for research and education of new information technology design and evaluation. Located at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee School of Information Studies, the Information Intelligence & Architecture (IIA) research lab is a research entity associated with the Research Group for Information Retrieval (rgIR) that provides interdisciplinary and international collaboration in the areas of information analysis, system designs, digital libraries, data mining and application, and usability studies. 
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Knowledge Organization Research Group

KOrgThe Knowledge Organization Research Group is designed to facilitate the discovery and development of knowledge in the field of information organization by established researchers and new scholars in library and information studies and related disciplines.
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Social Studies of Information Research Group (SSIRG)

The mission of the Social Studies of Information ResearchSSIRG---Official Group (SSIRG) is to promote inquiry and pedagogy in the historical, social and cultural dimensions of information at its most fundamental levels, including information institutions, practices, industries, technologies, disciplines, users, policies, and ethics.

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