Research Interests by Topic



1. History of Libraries and Library Science

Tom Walker

2. History of Information Science

Richard Smiraglia, Tom Walker, Tom Haigh

3. LIS as a Discipline

Richard Smiraglia

4. LIS as a Profession

Catherine Hansen, Chad Zahrt

5. Philosophy, Values, and Ethics of LIS

Johannes Britz, Hur-Li Lee, Tom Walker, Michael Zimmer

6. Critical Perspectives on LIS

Maria Haigh, Tom Haigh, Hope Olson, Michael Zimmer

7. Libraries and Society/Culture

Johannes Britz, Maria Haigh

8. Information and Society/Culture

Johannes Britz, Maria Haigh, Tom Haigh, Hope Olson, Chad Zahrt, Michael Zimmer

9. Social/Community Informatics

Tom Haigh

10. Information Policy

Johannes Britz, Maria Haigh, Michael Zimmer

11. Political Economy of Information

Maria Haigh

12. Copyright/Intellectual Property

Maria Haigh, Tom Haigh, Margaret Kipp, Michael Zimmer

13. Books, Printing, Publishing Industry

Tom Walker

14. Intellectual Freedom and Censorship

Michael Zimmer

15. LIS Education and Programs

Mohammad Aman, Catherine Hansen

17. Pedagogy in LIS

Catherine Hansen

18. Research Methods

Alexandra Dimitroff, Dietmar Wolfram, Jin Zhang

19. Distance Education in LIS

Mohammad Aman, Catherine Hansen, Adam Hudson, Chad Zahrt

21. International/Comparative Librarianship

Mohammad Aman, Maria Haigh

25. Licensing

Tom Lipinski

26. Archival Collections


27. Special Collections/Rare Books


34. Music


37. Reference and Information Services

Tom Walker, Catherine Hansen, Alexandra Dimitroff

38. Electronic Reference Services

Alexandra Dimitroff

40. Young Adult Services

Mary Wepking

41. Children's Services

Mary Wepking

43. Services for Multicultural Populations

Mohammad Aman

46. Children's/YA Literatures

Laretta Henderson, Mary Wepking

48. Reading and Literacy

Laretta Henderson, Mary Wepking

50. Information Needs and Behaviors/Practices

Adam Hudson

52. Information Needs/ Behaviors of Specific Groups


53. Scholarly and Scientific Communication


54. Organization of Information

Hur-Li Lee, Steven Miller, Hope Olson, Adam Hudson, Margaret Kipp

55. Descriptive Cataloguing/AACR

Adam Hudson, Hur-Li Lee, Steven Miller, Hope Olson

56. Archival Description/RAD


57. Classification and Subject Analysis

Hur-Li Lee, Steven Miller, Adam Hudson, Margaret Kipp, Hope Olson

58. Indexing and Abstracting

Hope Olson, Adam Hudson

59. Metadata and Semantic Web

Adam Hudson, Steven Miller, Margaret Kipp

60. Knowledge/IR Management

Johannes Britz, Shana Ponelis

61. Records Management


62. Information Systems and Technologies

Maria Haigh, Tom Walker, Dietmar Wolfram, Jin Zhang, Michael Zimmer, Chad Zahrt, Tom Haigh, Adam Hudson, Margaret Kipp, Shana Ponelis, Xiaming Mu

63. Information Retrieval Theory and Practice

Alexandra Dimitroff, Xiaming, Mu, Margaret Kipp, Dietmar Wolfram, Iris Xie, Jin Zhang

64. Online Catalog Retrieval Systems

Alexandra Dimitroff, Iris Xie. Hur-Li Lee, Chad Zahrt

65. Database and Other Retrieval Systems

Maria Haigh, Tom Haigh, Margaret Kipp, Dietmar Wolfram, Iris Xie, Jin Zhang, Shana Ponelis

66. Information Architecture

Adam Hudson, Steven Miller, Margaret Kipp

67. Information Visualization

Jin Zhang

68. Computer/Information Networks

Margaret Kipp

69. Information Technology Management

Maria Haigh, Tom Haigh, Shana Ponelis

70. Users and Uses of Information Systems

Maria Haigh, Adam Hudson, Iris Xie, Shana Ponelis, Xiaming Mu

71. Human-Computer Interaction

Adam Hudson, Iris Xie

72. Bibliometrics/Informetrics/ Webometrics

Margaret Kipp, Dietmar Wolfram

73. Health Informatics

Hope Olson, Jin Zhang

74. Digital/Virtual Libraries

Dietmar Wolfram, Iris Xie

75. Public Libraries

Mohammad Aman

76. Academic Libraries

Mohammad Aman

77. School Media Centers/Libraries

Mary Wepking

79. Medical Libraries

Alexandra Dimitroff

82. Archives and Records Centers


85. Administration and Management

Mohammad Aman, Johannes Britz, Tom Walker, Chad Zahrt

88. Funding

Johannes Britz

89. Strategic Planning, Marketing, Lobbying

Johannes Britz

90. Evaluation of Service

Mohammad Aman

91. Preservation and Archiving


92. Social Software Applications

Margaret Kipp

95. Services for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered (GBLT) Populations

Mary Wepking

96. Diversity Issues

Hur-Li Lee

97. New Literacies

Laretta Henderson