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Information Intelligence & Architecture Research Lab

IIA Research LabWith funding support from major government agencies, the IIA lab serves as a hub for research and education of new information technology design and evaluation. Located at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee School of Information Studies, the Information Intelligence & Architecture (IIA) research lab is a research entity that provides interdisciplinary and international collaboration in the areas of information analysis, system designs, digital libraries, data mining and application, and usability studies.

Equipment & Resources

The Lab is equipped with high-end workstations, supercomputers, high-speed networking, and digital video equipment. IIA researchers are continually developing Internet application tools based on PHP/SQL, C, C++, CGI, Java, Java Script, and ASP.

Multiple funding grants from major government agencies such as the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), National Science Foundation (NSF), and National Library of Medicine (NLM) provide support for research and student education in the Lab.


Alexandria Dimitroff
Associate Professor
UW-Milwaukee, School of Information Studies
Information seeking behaviors, Evaluation of digital libraries, and Search outcome evaluation.

Wooseob Jeong
Assistant Professor
UW-Milwaukee, School of Information Studies
Human computer interaction, multimodal interfaces, especially haptic and auditory displays, multilingual/multi-script information/library systems, Information retrieval/image retrieval, Digital libraries, Information seeking habits of ethnic groups such as immigrants and foreign students, Education in library and information science, and Definition of library and information science.

Xiangming Mu
Assistant Professor
UW-Milwaukee, School of Information Studies
Human-computer Interaction, Data Mining, Digital Library, Interface design, Multimedia Applications, Information Retrieval, and Internet Architecture Design.

Hong (Iris) Xie
Associate Professor
UW-Milwaukee, School of Information Studies
Interactive information retrieval, Information retrieval system design and evaluation, Digital libraries, Human-computer interaction, Information need and user behavior.

Guangliang Ye
Visiting Assistant professor
South Western University of Finance and Economics
Economic theories and modeling.


For more information on research and collaboration opportunities at the IIA Research Lab, please contact:

Xiangming Mu, Co-director
IIA Research Lab mux@uwm.edu

Hong (Iris) Xie, Co-director
IIA Resarch Lab hiris@uwm.edu

UW-Milwaukee, School of Information Studies
3210 N Maryland Avenue Milwaukee, WI 53211
Ph: 414-229-4707 info@sois.uwm.edu

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