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Representation, Sense-Making, and Recall Strategies

October 28, 2011

12:00- 2:00 pm

Bolton Room 521

Abstract: This presentation will report on a pilot study exploring "sorting" strategies for recalling everyday life experiences, and the effectiveness of multi-tokens as context for association and reconstruction of personal memory. Preliminary to a larger study, participants diagnosed with early stage Alzheimer/Dementia (AD) responded to questions concerning eveyday life events. After a delay of several weeks, they were asked to describe what they associated with representative non-verbal tokens or cues. Recollections were compared with original scenarios to determine (1) whether and how the multi-modal cues provided access to the initial recall of the everyday life event, (2) what additional scenarios, if any, were evoked, and (3) what associative links revealed, subsequently, about sense-making and sorting strategies around memory recall. Understanding how these strategies assist with reconstructing episodic and semantic memories could inform the design of life history retrieval systems for reinforcing or recovering intact memory.


A Video of the event can be accessed at:

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