How To use the SOIS DreamSpark Premium Portal

The UWM School of Information Studies has entered into an agreement with Microsoft known as the Microsoft DreamSpark Premium. While there are many provisions of this agreement, one of them is that students may obtain free, licensed copies of select Microsoft Products.

There are some restrictions on our service, please first read the End User License Agreement here:

NOTE: This software agreement is ONLY for School of Information Studies Faculty, Staff and Students. If you are not enrolled in or instruct SOIS classes you are not eligible for the agreement.

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  1. Navigate to the SOIS provided login page and enter your UWM ePanther ID & Password. Be sure you have the "DreamSpark" radio button selected.
  2. Click on the "Start Shopping" link to enter the software center.
  3. Next you will have the choice of downloading software onto your computer, ordering software on a CD via mail, or taking advantage of special offers (such as a Microsoft Office discount). Select which product you want to download or purchase.ds2
  4. Once you are ready to download or purchase your product you can "Check Out". The downloadable items will be free, and if you wish to order a piece of software via mail there is typically a small charge which you can pay via credit card. After your order is placed you will be given download information and serial keys.
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