1) Navigate to:


- Agree to the terms (after reading them).

- Click "Install".

- See "Fig. 1" below.


Fig. 1

Citrix Receiver


2) A small .exe file will download. Once download launch the executable and run the installer.

Fig. 2

Install complete


3) Click "Finish" after the installation is completed.


Fig. 3

Completed Installation.


4) Login using your ePanther ID and password. 


Use your ePanther ID and ePanther password in order to access the virtual lab.

User name: exampleID
Password: ******

If you are unable to login please email

Please be sure to let us know what SOIS courses you currently enrolled in.

Fig. 4

Login Screen

To allow application to launch correctly check the box to remember your choice and select launch application.

Launch screen


5) Once you login an instance of Citrix Receiver will automatically launch. 

Fig. 5

Beginning of virtual lab session.

If a window connecting you to the virtual lab does not automatically appear see figure 6. 


Fig. 6

Launch screen

Select the windows icon in order to initiate the virtual lab session.


6) A new window will pop up, this is the XenDesktop client. It will load your virtual desktop.


Fig. 7

Virtual Lab Screenshot 7


7) The screen or window will look as follows if you connected successfully.


Fig. 8

Windows 8 desktop

8) Be sure to grant the virtual desktop local access if you wish to save files to your local hard drive.


It will ask if you want to grant your virtual desktop local access. Select "Read/write access" and check "Do not as me again.."

Fig. 9

File Access


You can also change the access level under preferences from the black handle drop down in the center of the screen.

9) Be sure when you save


That you save to your computers local storage, and not virtual machines local storage. When you log off from the virtual desktop everything will be deleted. Your local drives will appear under "Other" in XenDesktop. You can also print from XenDesktop to your own local printers!

Fig. 11

Virtual Lab Screenshot 11