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What is MAP-Works? 

MAP-Works®, Making Achievement Possible, developed in partnership with Ball State University is a comprehensive student retention and success program designed for first year students. MAP-Works® identifies students early in the term allowing for immediate support and intervention from advisors, mentors, resident assistants and other campus support services. Insert

How does MAP-Works work?

MAP-Works® utilizes a powerful heuristic which incorporates prominent student development and learning theories and integrates both profile and student experience data to ensure accurate identification of at risk students.






A transition survey gets deployed the fourth week of the semester: Students are measured on a variety of research based factors including their academic and social integration to the campus, entering skills and abilities, and expectations of their college experience.

Faculty/Staff have immediate access: Through the MAP-Works® interface, student survey results are instantly available to faculty/staff (i.e. academic advisors, housing staff, etc.) to identify their at risk students.

Students gain access: Students are immediately linked to their web based customized report that identifies discrepancies between their expectations and the academic and social behaviors necessary to succeed. Results are bench marked against the cohort to help them better understand their strengths and weaknesses. This interactive report aligns behaviors with outcomes, enhances self-awareness through social norming, and connects students with our campus resources and support services.