You will be invited to sign up for New Student Orientation (NSO) after you have completed the following steps:

Step 1:
           Pay $150 New Student Confirmation Deposit* (may be completed before or after taking
           the placement test and is part of the $250 New Freshman Fee)

Step 2:
           Take Placement Tests.
 Register HERE! Please note it will take 2-3 weeks for this checklist item to be removed from your PAWS account.
Step 3:
           Submit the University Housing Contract and deposit OR Exemption Form (may be completed before or after taking the Placement Tests)
Step 4:
           Pay the $100 University Housing Contract Deposit (if you completed a
           University Housing Contract)

Once ALL of these steps are complete, within 1-2 business days, you will be able to pick your orientation date.

Register for New Student Orientation when all steps are complete by clicking HERE!

Want to change your major? This can be done through the Orientation website. If you decide to change your major after you have already signed up for an NSO date, you can do so by filling out the Major Change Request Form.

Please note: Not all majors are present at each NSO date. You may be contacted to reschedule your NSO date if your new major isn't available on your currently selected date.

Need to reschedule your NSO date? It's easy! Just go back to the NSO registration page and register again, choosing your new date. The new date will overwrite your original date and you'll be all set. Don't forget to print off your new confirmation! There are orientation programs throughout June and July to accommodate a wide range of schedules. However, if there is a scheduling conflict, please contact our office at 414-229-5842 or nsostaff@uwm.edu.

New this year: If you're interested in an outdoor experience with some of your peers, we are offering an Outdoor Orientation experience following certain Orientation dates. Click Here for the website. If you're interested in this opportunity, please email: richardk@uwm.edu

We look forward to seeing you at New Student Orientation!

*Students may be eligible for a refund of the Confirmation Deposit if they do not attend New Student Orientation. To be eligible, students must cancel their Orientation attendance at least 10 days before their scheduled program and do not register for classes. This deposit is part of the $250 freshman fee. $100 will be placed on the account with tuition charges in the fall. The $100 will not be refunded after September 2.