Welcome to UW-Milwaukee!

Congratulations on the achievements that have led you to this step in your journey. New Student Orientation marks your entrance into the UWM community. This program will introduce you to the UWM campus, as well as to other new students and families. New Student Orientation is intended for both students and parents.

As a result of involvement in the New Student Orientation program:

  • Students will be able to make a class schedule and register for classes.
  • Students will be aware of the importance of getting involved and the methods for doing so at UWM.
  • Students will understand what diversity means at UWM.
  • Students will understand the importance of and strategies for a successful advisor relationship.
  • Students will understand the expectations university faculty and staff have for them.

After you take the Placement Tests (please allow 2-3 weeks for processing time), submit the $100 Confirmation Deposit, and complete your University Housing Contract and deposit OR Housing Exemption Form you will receive an invitation to register for New Student Orientation. If all orientations have passed, please contact the New Student Orientation office at 414-229-5842 or nsostaff@uwm.edu

New Student Orientation is one of the many steps you will take towards establishing a successful college career. We look forward to meeting you this spring or summer and assisting you in your journey at UWM.


New this summer: If you would like to extend your Orientation experience, and participate in an Outdoor Orientation through Outdoor Pursuits, Click Here for more information!

Please note, International Students attend their own Orienation program. For information on International Student Orientation, please go to this website:  Click Here


To sign up, Click Here: New Student Orientation Registration

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