Testing & Orientation Program

The Testing & Orientation Program open registration is now closed. For more information please contact the New Student Orientation Office at 414-229-5842 or email nsostaff@uwm.edu. Any available seats for this program will be filled on a first come, first served basis until the program is full.

Because students are required to complete both Placement Testing and Orientation during the summer, we have put together a special opportunity on June 25 - 27 where you can do both in just one trip to campus!  Read below for more information and how to register.

All new freshmen at UWM must attend a New Student Orientation (NSO) where they meet other members of the Panther Family, learn about campus resources and graduation requirements, and enroll in courses. NSO is a two day program. Students are required to stay on campus in a University Housing residence hall with other students on the night of their NSO program (June 27 or July 24). Family members are also invited to NSO however, they are not required to attend. Family members will have their own optional program to attend while their student is at NSO. Students are required to stay on campus in a University Housing residence hall with other students on the night of their NSO program (June 26). Family members will not be able to share a room with their student that night but will have the option to stay in campus lodging as well. For those of you who need lodging the night before and/or the night of your testing date, we will have on campus lodging available for a reasonable fee or you can check out some of the Milwaukee area hotels. The cost of campus lodging is $40 per person, per night. Students will not be charged for the night of June 26 during their orientation program.

Below is a general sense of what will happen for both students and guests during the program. Confirmation materials (such as a map, directions, and agenda) will be sent to you about a week prior to your visit.

Student Schedule

June 25: beginning at 8:00am

  • Take Math & English placement tests
  • Take optional placement tests in Foreign Language & Chemistry
  • Meet Orientation Leaders
  • Optional program and events

June 26: 9:30am to bedtime

  • Orientation Check-in and Service Fair
  • Welcome Program
  • Financial Aid
  • Health and Safety
  • Lunch & Icebreakers
  • Campus Exploration
  • On Campus Living or Commuter Services
  • Dinner
  • Traditions
  • Evening Activities

June 27: 8:00am to 1:00pm

  • Breakfast
  • Announcements
  • School/College Meeting
  • Technology
  • Course Registration
  • Closing
  • Housing Tours (optional)

Registration Deadlines

Registration will close for the June Testing & Orientation Program on Monday, June 15, 2015. If you have any questions regarding your stay or are unable to schedule by the deadline, feel free to contact the Orientation Office at 414-229-5842. 

Rates & Payment

Students and their families or guests attending the Testing & Orientation Program can stay on campus in residence halls. All guests and students who stay in a residence hall will be charged $40 per person, per night.

Arrival and Check-in

1.  Students and guests may begin to arrive any time after 4:00pm on June 24. Students should check in for testing from 8:15-8:45am on June 25. Testing check in will take place in Mellencamp Hall, 2442 E Kenwood Boulevard. Students must bring a photo ID to testing.

2.  Students who stay on campus will be shuttled to testing on June 25, so we ask them to be ready at 8:00AM. If you have any questions about which tests you are taking please contact Orientation at nsostaff@uwm.edu or 229-5842.

3.  Students and guests staying overnight on campus will be directed to parking upon checking in to their lodging. If a student or guest will be staying off campus, parking is available during testing in the Union parking structure next door to the Testing Center. The rate for parking in the Union structure is $1.25/hour.

Payment Table

  1 Night (June 26) 2 Nights (June 25 - 26) 3 Nights (June 24 - 26)
Students $0 $40 $80

Guests 1 Night 2 Nights 3 Nights
1 Person $40 $80 $120
2 People $80 $160 $240
3 People $120 $240 $320


Residence Halls will have air conditioning in each room, so there is no need to bring a fan! Each suite provides one or two twin sized beds per room, a shower, toilet and vanity. We will provide towels and linens. No other amenities such as a television, computer, etc., are provided in the rooms, but are available in the lobby or floor lounges. Parking will be available. Please note that there may be a fee for parking on campus.

Behavior Standards

Current and future UWM students and guests must follow all guidelines of the University Housing Student Handbook when staying in the residence halls. Below are a few highlights from the handbook and a link to the handbook stating all behavior expectations during your stay.

  1. The use of drugs or alcohol is prohibited.
  2. Please make sure you always have your room key. We ask that all guests show Security staff their room key upon entering Residence Hall.
  3. As we may have other guests in the building, please respect our 24-hour courtesy hours that are in effect. Please respect our quiet hours that start at 10PM, in addition to the courtesy hours.
  4. Lock your door and keep your key with you at all times.
  5. Smoking (of any type, including electric cigarettes) is not allowed.
  6. Residents and guests are expected to treat the belongings/property of residents, guests, and the property of the residence halls or university with respect. If items are found to be damaged you may be charged.

    LINK: http://www4.uwm.edu/housing/policies/forms.cfm

Important Notes

  • Students will be placed with another New Student Orientation student in a Residence Hall room on the night of their NSO (June 26).
  • Family members and guests will be grouped together but will not be able to stay with their student. Each family group will have their own room within a suite, but may need to share a common restroom.


If you have questions about the Testing & Orientation program please contact the New Student Orientation Office at nsostaff@uwm.edu or 414-229-5842. Office hours: Monday thru Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm For any questions concerning overnight accommodation, please contact Conference and Guest Housing Staff at 414-229-6588 or guest-housing@uwm.edu.

If your guests or family members would like to make overnight arrangements off campus, please consider Milwaukee Area Hotel.