"Your planner is your best friend. Besides making sure your class work is done on time, it allows you to plan your days and weeks for the semester. I started using my planner when I got an on campus job and planning made it easier to balance my social life, school work and professional obligations." -Tariq Almagri, Senior.

Use a Planner – Set a Schedule 

Effectively managing your time is essential to success in college. Many college student’s lives are filled with classes, studying, meetings, extracurricular activities, work, volunteering, personal activities, and not to mention SLEEP! Learning how to schedule all these aspects is not an easy task and is a skill that must be developed. The following resources will give you the foundation to developing and strengthening your planning and time management skills.

Read 8 Steps for Strong Management for College Students for techniques on how to create a realistic but effective schedule []

Watch the Academic Success – Time Management Video []

Use PantherLink Calendar

o PantherLink, UWM’s e-mail and calendar service, can get you organized and keep you connected. Learn how PantherLink calendar can help ensure you’re on time for class, not miss a beat when it comes to campus activities, sports and events, and help you fit your work schedule into your busy life. Course schedules, creating personal calendars, advisor/tutoring/mentor scheduling, and the Subscription Center are all part of the power of PantherLink. You can attend free PantherLink trainings through UWM Learning TECHniques []

Be aware of important UWM dates and deadlines

o The PantherLink Calendar Subscription Center allows you to keep track of important dates/deadlines and campus events with just a few clicks. Also check the Registrars Calendar [] for important dates related to registering for classes and adding and dropping classes.

Panther Academic Support Services

o On the PASS website [] you’ll find links to resources related to time management, organization, and studying and test taking techniques.