Dan Patnode

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I started college as an art major before moving to Milwaukee when I accepted a position as a Resident Assistant in Sandburg Halls at UWM. I worked there for three years while completing my undergraduate degree in Anthropology with an emphasis on Linguistics. Afterwards I held several student positions with what was then called the Native American Studies Program. My graduate studies at UWM were also in Anthropology with a concentration in Linguistic Anthropology. While finishing my master's degree I started my professional career at UWM as an advisor in the Pre-College Center. I worked there for a total of seven years prior to accepting my present position as Director of the Student Support Services Program in 1992.

I have long had an interest in languages, having studied German for several years in high school and French and Potawatomi briefly in college. While in graduate school I also studied Spanish. I am told I am quite fluent and speak it with little or no English accent. I've always enjoyed traveling though have only been to two foreign countries; Ecuador and Mexico. In Mexico I have visited the Yucatan Peninsula several times; a region rich in Mayan and Colonial culture. I have also traveled quite a bit in northern New Mexico and thoroughly enjoy the rich cultures and histories of the region. In 2005 and 2007 I led small groups of Student Support Services Program students on cultural/educational trips to northern New Mexico. I have also developed a course I will be teaching for UWM's department of Comparative Ethnic Studies on cultures of the American Southwest.


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