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  2. Campus Strategic Planning

There is no better time for UWM to be undertaking a large initiative like strategic planning.

This process will ensure that during these very challenging times for higher education, we will align our resources with programs that will help our campus grow and achieve our mission and vision. When completed, the strategic plan will become the roadmap for making decisions on the way we develop and implement programs and allocate resources to be successful.

Moving Forward. Together.

Planning Sequence
1. Academic Planning
The foundation upon which we develop our strategic plan. Academic plans to include: program array, research, and successful students.
2. Strategic Planning
A plan that outlines campus priorities enabling the realization of UWM's mission and vision.
3. Budget Planning
Conducted in parallel with academic and strategic planning to be flexible and support campus priorities.

Activities and Next Steps

  • Latest Strategic Plan draft
  • October 22, Campus Open Forum, 10-11:30 a.m., UWM Student Union Ballroom
  • Fall 2014, Finalize work with governance groups

Examples of Aspirational Institutions

Stakeholder Engagement

UWM is developing a strategic plan that will guide our future efforts, enabling us to reach our research and access mission and vision of becoming a top-tier research university that is a best place to learn and work for students, faculty, and staff and that is a driver of sustainable prosperity. We are interested in hearing from you and invite you to provide your comments and suggestions as we formulate our strategic plan.

Please use the following link to offer your input and suggestions, which will then be shared with our Strategic Planning Teams.


By the Numbers

A collaborative and inclusive endeavor...


Participating UWM faculty, classified staff, academic staff, students, alumni and community members


Teams (including steering committee, core, functional and thematic teams)


Months we will work on our plan, now that it's underway (November, 2012 - May, 2014)