State Employee Combined Campaign (SECC)

The SECC is an annual workplace giving campaign organized by state employees in Wisconsin. Donations go to a variety of charities or umbrella organizations that serve a wide variety of important causes.

For more information on the SECC campaign in the greater Milwaukee area, visit the Milwaukee State and University Employees Combined Campaign website.

OEM SECC Committee The Office of Enrollment Management (OEM) SECC Committee organizes activities aimed at gathering money that can be donated on behalf of OEM as a whole to a select charity or umbrella organization in the campaign.

Activities Annual activities organized by the OEM SECC Committee include a bake & media sale in November, along with a media-only sale in April. The committee has organized additional activities over the course of the year as a way to generate additional contributions from staff. Prior year activities include a penny war and a chilli cook-off.

Upcoming Activities
  • OEM Bake and Media Sale, November 2013 (date TBA), 9:30am-2:00pm, Bolton Hall Breezeway
How Can You Help Out? There are a variety of ways to get involved in the SECC each year:
  • Contribute: All permanent staff receive a contribution packet every October that allows you to make an individual donation to one or multiple charities that are part of the campaign. These donations can be made via payroll deduction, cash, or a check.
  • Donate: The OEM SECC Committee gratefully accepts media donations (books, CDs, DVDs, etc.) year-round, and it distributes a sign-up for the donation of baked goods in the weeks prior to the Bake & Media Sale that takes place in November. Please email oem-secc@uwm.edu if you have media items to donate.
  • Volunteer: The OEM SECC Committee is always looking for volunteers to assist with the bake & media sale in November and the media-only sale in April. There are also other volunteer opportunities that take place throughout the year, such as the collection and organization of donated books.  Please email oem-secc@uwm.edu if you are interested in joining the committee or volunteering on an ad hoc basis.
  • Participate: It goes without saying that successful fundraising requires people willing to participate, and your participation in SECC activities – from buying a cookie in the bake sale to contributing some pennies in a Penny War – are critical to continuing the fundraising success OEM has had over the years.
Please contact oem-secc@uwm.edu or any OEM SECC Committee member (see below) if you have any questions about getting involved or ideas for the campaign.
Annual OEM Contributions
Annual OEM Contributions
Bake & Media Sale
Total Charity
2012 $621 $217 $838 The Hunger Relief Fund of WI
2011 $1097 $230 $1327 The Hunger Relief Fund of WI and
Hope House of Milwaukee
2010 $1326 $180 $1506 The Hunger Relief Fund of WI
2009 $1030 N/A $1030 The Hunger Relief Fund of WI
2008 $1174 $201 $1375 The Hunger Relief Fund of WI
2007 $800 N/A $800 The Hunger Relief Fund of WI
2006 $605 N/A $605 Healthcare for the Homeless of Milwaukee
2005 $733 N/A $733 The Guest House of Milwaukee
2004 $1000 $80 $1080 The Hunger Task Force
2003 $1156 $463 $1619 The Hunger Task Force & The Open Gate
2002 $1155 N/A $1155 The Hunger Task Force
2001 N/A $512 $512 The Red Cross
1999 $400 N/A $400 General Fund
1998 $270 N/A $270 AmeriCares

Members Membership on the OEM SECC Committee is voluntary. Please contact oem-secc@uwm.edu or any member if you are interested in joining the committee.

OEM SECC Committee Members
Name Work Unit
Email Phone
Sarah Perkins
Registrar's Office
perkins@uwm.edu 229-2210
Jenny Elsner (Chair)
Admissions & Recruitment
zjen@uwm.edu 229-3159
Mary Frank
Admissions & Recruitment
mrfrank@uwm.edu 229-3744
Seth Zlotocha
Registrar's Office
zlotocha@uwm.edu 229-3045
Keyimani Alford
Financial Aid
kalford@uwm.edu 229-4824
Tawney Latona
Admissions & Recruitment
tawny@uwm.edu 229-4624
Alberto Maldonado
Admissions & Recruitment
donpepe@uwm.edu 229-1169
Trisha Springstead
Financial Aid
springtk@uwm.edu 229-6172
Jessica Stein
Student Success Center
jstein@uwm.edu 229-7213