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UWM offers students the option of completing a Certificate of Pre-Medical Studies. This academic program is of interest to students who are considering a medical career and who wish to enter medical school with a more in-depth understanding of the medical profession, a well-rounded liberal arts education, and greater insight into the personal attributes and skills necessary to be an effective physician.

Find out more about the Pre-Medical Studies Certificate


Joining the National AMSA organization connects you with pre-medical students, medical students and physicians across the country. There are several regional and national conferences that you can attend, you receive a subscription to The New Physician magazine and you’ll get access to discounts on everything from insurance to mobile phone service.

Check out their website to find out how to apply: http://www.amsa.org/premed/


Ah, the “non-traditional student.” This title encompasses the older-than-usual, the post-bac, the 2nd degree student, the 2nd career student…

There are more of us than you think!

(From Xavier University) Over the last few decades, there has been a rise in medical school applicants who are more than 27 years old, from 10 percent to 17 percent of all applicants. Sometimes these applicants have one or more degrees and impressive work experience outside of medicine. Non-traditional students usually have completed their undergraduate education in a field that did not include the sciences and later return to complete the pre-medical requirements, and in some cases to broaden their educational background.

How an admission committee will assess your previous college work depends on many factors, like how long ago the courses were taken, what academic discipline was being studied and toward what goal. A medical school admissions committee will also be very interested in how you decided to enter medicine after initially choosing a different career goal in life. Also of concern may be family responsibilities and sources of emotional support. To balance those concerns, non-traditional students often display greater maturity because of their life and employment experiences, as well as greater motivation since this career decision may be based on a deeper understanding of the career and of themselves.

Non-traditional student info from National AMSA
National Society for Nontraditional Premedical and Medical Students


Our mission is to keep our members well-informed of both tracks of medicine that exist in the U.S. while they are still planning out their undergraduate careers.  At a time when there is such a shortage of physicians, particularly those interested in primary care, we believe that the importance of allopathic and osteopathic physicians working together is critical.

In addition, the practice and philosophy of osteopathic medicine may be a better fit for you than allopathic medicine. There are several practicing D.O.’s in the Milwaukee area that you can contact. However, it’s up to you to do your own research and decide for yourself!

Try starting here…

Student of Osteopathic Medicine Association – UWM Chapter

Our osteopathic medicine partner organization on campus (SOMA) has just formed! If you’re interested, please contact SOMA’s President, Mike Brewer, at mabrewer@uwm.edu.

American Osteopathic Association
AACOM (American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine) site
Student Doctor Network – Information on Osteopathic Medicine


AMCAS (American Medical College Application Service) site: http://www.aamc.org/students/amcas/

This is where you go to fill out your initial allopathic medical school applications, find out all current information on the MCAT exam, register for your test date and location and to find out your scores.

AACOM (American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine) site: http://www.aacom.org/

Just like the AMCAS site, this is where you go to fill out your initial applications to osteopathic medical schools and is a good place to find general information about osteopathic medicine.

Kaplan Test Prep: http://www.kaptest.com/mcat

Remember, as an AMSA member, you qualify for $100+ off of Kaplan Test Prep programs. Our campus liaison is Sue Conway, who can be reached directly at:

Sue Conway
Program Manager
Kaplan Test Prep & Admissions
316 N. Milwaukee Street, Suite 210
Milwaukee, WI 53202
Phone (414) 277-9990
Fax (414) 277-0108

Exam Krackers:


Many AMSA members who have already taken the MCAT had a lot of success with this program. Check out their website to find out more.

FREE CLINICS – MILWAUKEE AREA (not comprehensive)

16th Street Community Health Center
1032 S 16th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53204
(414) 672-1315
Hours: Monday-Thursday: 8:15am-10:00pm Friday: 8:30am-10:00pm Saturday: 8:30am-Noon

BESTD Clinic (Brady East STD Clinic)
1240 E Brady Street
Milwaukee, WI 53202
(414) 272-2144
Offering STD testing and treatment, anonymous HIV testing and Hep B vaccinations all at no charge.


Greater Milwaukee Free Clinic
9330 W Lincoln Avenue #10
West Allis, WI 53227
(414) 546-3733
Clinic is for the working uninsured

Health Care for the Homeless of Milwaukee
711 W Capitol Drive
Milwaukee, WI 53206
(414) 374-7900
No Hours Listed


Salvation Army Clinic
1730 N 7th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53205
(414) 265-6360
No Hours Listed

St. Ben's Clinic
1027 N 9th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53233
(414) 765-0606

611 W National Avenue #400
Milwaukee, WI 53204
(414) 384-1400

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