[ UWM Cycling ]

Club Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the Club?
To join the club you have to pay dues to the club, sign a code of conduct, and partake in activities to help the club…Help at fund raisers, seek sponsorship, prepare documents for the club, etc.

What are the club dues, what do they include?
As of right now club dues have not been set for the year. We are trying to figure out the right cost to benefit ratio for everyone.

Do you Race?
We take part in collegiate Road, Mountain, Cyclocross, and Track racing.

What Kind of racing does the club do?
See above

What Kind of bike do I need?
The bike you need is specific to the type of racing you want to do. You may use a cross bike for road racing, and you could use a mountain bike for Cross racing.

What is expected of me?
The club expects everyone help the club run. Weather it be working as an officer, leading subcommittees to accomplish tasks set by the officers, or working in one of the subcommittees. The more you put in, the more your going to get from the club.

Do you have uniforms?
The club has uniforms. To race at any collegiate events, you must ware a team jersey, and either team or plain shorts/bibs. We currently have some jerseys from last year. This years jerseys will look the same as last years with the only change being updated sponsors so last years kits will be ok to race this year too.

****If we get a “title sponsor” this year, we will change the jersey design to suit them. If this happens, it will be at minimal cost to each member.

Are there training rides?
We are working on setting club training rides. We want to meet with the members new to cycling to find the best times to meet and go on beginner rides with our most experienced riders. Otherwise members call or email the whole club to let everyone know they are doing a ride and looking for friends to go with.

How much do I need to train?
That depends on how much time you have, and what your goals are. You can use this break down to see where you should be.
Category Day/Week Hours/Week
A 5-7 10-20+
B 4-6 8-15
C 3-4 5-10
D 2-4 4-10

How much does it cost to go to the races?
This will depend on the level of fund raising we do this year. Each member will be required to pay some amount per race. Other costs are uniforms, team clothing (t-shirts, hats, etc.) Etc.

Where are the races?
The conference we race in is the Mid West Collegiate Cycling Conference (www.MWCCC.org) The conference is open to any college or university in Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Kentucky, and Ohio. We race in all of these states through out the year. Nationals for each discipline are held around the country.

How do I get to the races?
In years past we took student cars, rented vans, or some combo of both. This fall we will have to take personal vehicles. Unless, we raise more money. Fuel may be covered by the club through sponsorships. This all depends on how many people are going to each event, and how many cars are needed.

Where do we stay?
At races, we usually stay in motels. At some races we will stay in host housing in a spare room or on someone’s floor, or nearby family or friends.

Where can I buy bikes and parts?
The cycling Club at UWM is sponsored by Wheel and Sprocket. The North Shore store in Fox Point (just north of UWM) is our “home shop” After you become a member, you will receive the club discount on all of your purchases there. The discount is however good at any Wheel and Sprocket store. Wheel and Sprocket has also given the club gas money for the road season as well as an open contract for the next few years, meaning they are behind the club for years to come. Please show them you appreciate their generous support by giving them your business, and speaking highly of them as well as all club sponsors.

What do I do in the winter?
In the winter you can cross train by lifting, running, cross country skiing, swimming, or indoor cycling. Many members spend lots of time riding their own bikes indoors on trainers or rollers in front of a TV watching movies etc. Winter break also allows you to head south for a few weeks to train in the warmth, and hilly terrain.

Are there club meetings?
The club meets every week. Subcommittees meet as often as needed to get their assigned tasks completed.

Is there a team coach?
No, there is no team coach. Some of our advanced riders have their own coaches. Most any one of these riders will be able to set you up with a solid training plan to get started. The most important thing for a new rider is to put the time in on the bike. There are no required “practices” for club members. We will be hosting one or two Learn to Race clinics in the fall to teach some fundamentals of bike racing.

Where does the club get money from?
The club receives some money from the school but is not enough to run the club free of charge to its members. The club is a Registered Student Organization (RSO) and is not affiliated with the athletic department. This is why our uniforms are not allowed to have the panther or the acronym UWM on it. Most of our money comes in the form of sponsorships from generous community members, and from fund raisers held by the club.

I might know someone who would sponsor the club.
Please pass this info on to an officer, they will work with you to help you with this lead.

I never raced before, is there a class for me to race in?
YES, as long as you can ride a bike, there is a class for you to race in.

What should I bring to the races?
Before your fist race, you will receive a packing list of suggested items to bring to a race.