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    Tryout Clinic

    If you are planning on trying out for the dance team we strongly recommend that you attend this clinic. This is a great opportunity to work on technique, skills, and to ask any questions you may have. The turn sequences that will be asked of you from tryouts will be taught at the clinic and any skill that is in the tryout routine will be gone over. The clinic is typically held one week before tryouts.

    Release Form
    Will be available closer to the tryout date

    The Clinic Includes:
    1) Warm up
    2) Across the floor
    3) Turn combinations
    4) Dance combinations



    All squad members must be selected through an official dance team tryout process. Taking only correspondence or extension classes do not qualify a person as a student. The squad size ranges from 10 to 18, depending on what the talent pool is during the spring selection process.

    All squad members must tryout out each year. Student wishing to tryout for the squad must:

    • Be an enrolled UWM student or in process of applying to UWM
    • High school seniors and transfer students must be admitted to UWM prior to June 30th
    • Be available for the entire term (April to April)
    • Must be available to attend summer camp (Early August)

    The dance team supports the university's nondiscrimination policy and welcomes all UWM students to participate in the selection process. However, dancing requires a high level of physical activity and strength. If you have or have had injuries that may cause any physical limitations, you must notify the advisor prior to tryouts to determine if reasonable accommodations can be made to allow you to tryout. Medical certification will be required outlining any disability and restrictions associated with the your physical limitation. The advisor will decide in accordance with ADA standards if it will prevent you from performing dance team responsibilities and disqualify you from tryouts. The advisor's decision is appealable to University Student Court.


    Tryouts consist of two parts: Preliminaries and Finals. Preliminaries will be on a Saturday and Finals that following Sunday. The tryouts process are closed to the public.

    Candidates with extraordinary circumstances may submit a video in lieu of attending the tryout. To qualify the coach must be notified in advance.

    Please see Video Entry Procedures for more information.


    Please mail in your application in early to ensure a prompt start! You can pre-register by mailing in the application and a check made out to the "Panther Dance Team." A confirmation email will be sent once the application is received.

    Please wear a solid black top, sports bra, or leotard with a solid black booty short so that judges can see all your movement. Also make yourself presentable with your hair pulled back cleanly out of your face in a bun.

    Bring along with you (if you haven't mailed in already):

    • Proof of Admission - Copy of acceptance letter or student ID
    • Dance Team Application
    • A Recent Non-Returnable Photograph
    • Tryout Fee
    Download PDF

    Candidates will learn the fight song routine (traditional pom) and a short jazz routine. At the end of preliminaries each candidate will audition in groups of 3-4. They will be evaluated on the jazz routine and select skills for self-confidence, technique, endurance, and dance skill. Only those candidates meeting the minimum skill level will proceed to finals. After all candidates are evaluated the finalists will be announced at the end of the day.

    Skills For Prelims Are:
    • Toe Touch
    • Fouettes (2 eight counts)
    • Left Double Pirouette
    • Right Triple Pirouette


    Check in and Warm-up (on your own)
    Learn fight song routine and then tryout routine
    There will not be a lunch break, so bring your own snacks
    Preliminary cuts (in groups)
    Announce finalists


    At the preliminary tryouts the instruction level will be intermediate to advance. Candidates with no prior dance experience are helped, but other candidates are not held back for the slower learner's sake. For individuals wishing to brush up on their dance skills: Many local dance teams and pom pon squads, including UWM, offer dance clinics to help students prepare for tryouts. Call the schools in your area to get more information about any clinics they may offer.

      Please wear a solid black top, sports bra, or leotard with a solid black booty short so that judges can see all your movement. Also make yourself presentable with your hair pulled back cleanly out of your face in a bun.

    Candidates will audition in groups of 2-3. Each will be evaluated on the skills, fight song, and tryout routines learned at preliminaries. Dancers are scored in rhythm, showmanship, skills, memory, endurance, and dance technique. The new members will be announced after all candidates are evaluated.

    Skills For Finals Are:
    • Toe Touch
    • Fouettes (2 eight counts)
    • Left & Right Split Leaps
    • High Kicks (1 eight count, facing the side)
    • Left & Right Center Leaps
    • Left & Right Calypso
    • Left & Right
      Double and Triple Pirouettes
    • Left & Right
      Front Leg Extension
      (facing the side)
    • Jazz Skill Of Choice (ex: needle turn, turn combo, aerial, etc.)
    • Hip Hop Skill Of Choice (ex: kip, tumbling, headspring, etc.)











    Schedule: Final cuts (skills, fight song routine, tryout routine)
    There will not be a lunch break, so bring your own snacks
    Short meeting afterwards for new members

    Judges for the final tryout are selected from regional dance team coaches or choreographers, dance studio instructors, and former dance team members who have been off the squad for at least 2 years.
    Will be available closer to the tryout date