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Fall Tryouts 2017


The Panther Dance Team is looking for additional members for this 2017-2018 season!

Fall tryouts will be held on Tuesday, September 5th from 7:30pm-11:00pm. Check in and warm-up (on your own) will start at 7:00pm. Tryouts will be at Klotsche Center Gym, located on 3409 N Downer Ave. The tryouts process are closed to the public.

Please wear a solid black fitted tank top, fitted short sleeved top, sports bra, or leotard with a solid black booty short so that judges can see all your movement. Also please wear nude jazz or half jazz shoes. Make yourself presentable with your hair pulled back cleanly and neatly out of your face in a bun and put on performance-ready makeup (lipstick, eye shadow, blush).

  • Dance Team Application
  • A recent Non-Returnable Photograph

Download PDF


We will be looking for dancers who fit well with the skill level and personality of current dance team members. You will learn a segment of a jazz routine and be asked to perform certain skills. Dancers are scored in rhythm, showmanship, skills, memory, endurance, and dance technique. The new members will be announced after all candidates are evaluated.


Skills included are:
  • Toe Touch
  • Fouettes (2 eight counts)
  • Left & Right Split Leaps
  • High Kicks (1 eight count, facing the side)
  • Left & Right Center Leaps
  • Left & Right Calypso
  • Left & Right
    Double and Triple Pirouettes
  • Left & Right
    Front Leg Hold
    (facing the side)
  • Jazz Skill Of Choice (ex: needle turn, turn combo, aerial, etc.)
  • Hip Hop Skill Of Choice (ex: kip, tumbling, headspring, etc.)