Club Meetings and Activities

GIS Club at Geek Week

The GIS Club will be showing its members' work and talking about GIS at the American Geographic Society Library on the Fourth Floor of the Golda Meir Library on Wednesday, 2/25/15, from 1 to 2:30. If you'd like to share samples of your GIS work for exhibit, post on our Facebook page, GIS Club @ UWM.

Next Club Meeting-Urban Ecology Center Data Reduction

The club collected GPS data about the location of invasive species at the Urban Ecology Center on 10/30/14. Now we need to transform the data into a useful map. The officers are working on setting a date to create the map. See the meeting page for more details.

Club Officers

Jana Viel
Julee Mitchell
Keith Krukowski
Martin Ziech

Notices and Events

UWM Geek Week-2/6-13/15

UWM Geek Week is a series of activities, lectures, workshops and events celebrating all things “geeky,” from animation, comics, and fantasy to gaming, science, and technology.

About the club

We don't stand on formality (someone argued a point during a meeting citing Robert's Rules of Order, another member asked who Robert was).

We have meetings every couple of weeks to plan projects and to hear updates on projects that are in progress.

Members and friends during the "Real-Life GIS" event on March 27, 2013...
Members in 2013

Here's what some of the members looked like in the Spring of 2012...GIS Club 2012

and the Fall of 2010...
GIS Club 2010