Club Meetings and Activities

Next Club Meeting-New Time

Thursday, 10/23/14, 3:30 PM, UWM Cartography Lab, Rm 420, Bolton Hall. We'll be setting up the club's Trimble Juno GPS receiver for use during the Urban Ecology Center invasive plant mapping project on 10/30/14. See the club meetings page for details.

Post-Meeting Bonus

Following the 10/23/14 meeting we're watching a partial solar eclipse. Details at the 10/23/14 meeting. Never look directly at the sun.

Urban Ecology Center Field Work

Thursday, 10/30/14, 4 PM, 1500 E. Park Pl, meet in lobby.We'll use GPS technology to map invasive species at the UEC.

Club Officers

Jana Viel
Julee Mitchell
Keith Krukowski
Martin Ziech

Notices and Events

Planning is underway for the 2014 GIS Day at UWM on Wednesday, 9/19. The web site will soon be open to register for hands-on workshops and for the famous pizze lunch. There's no cost. Until then, see details about the 2013 UWM GIS Day.

GIS Club Meetings

Next Meeting, 10/23/14, 3:30 PM-New Time!

We're meeting in the Cartography Lab, Room 420, Bolton Hall, to set up the club's Trimble Juno GPS receiver for the Urban Ecology Center project field work on 10/30/14. We'll create a data dictionary to represent the various invasive species that we find at the UEC. We'll also add a six-inch resolution orthophoto to the GPS receiver as a base map.

Following the meeting we'll watch a partial eclipse of the sun after making box viewers. Bring a largish cardboard box if you want to make a viewer. Never look directly at the sun.

Urban Ecology Center Project Field Work, 10/30/14, 4 PM

We're going to collect spatial data about invasive species found at the Urban Ecology Center. Meet in the center's lobby at 4. Be prepared to move among brush and mud (if there's been recent rain).

Later we'll build a map overlaying the locations on a base map. The result will be used by the UEC to plan invasive-plant remediation.

Fall Kickoff Meeting Wrapup, 9/25/14

The club members offered lots of good ideas for projects and for club activities. The officers are organizing the ideas. Watch for details about the fall club activities here and on the club's Facebook group page.

If you're a registered member of the club, you'll get an e-mail with details of uncoming activities. If you're not yet a member, it's easy and free. Learn how at on the join-up page.

4/28/14 Meeting

During our 4/28/14 meeting we continued to develop plans and approaches to fulfilling Feeding America's GIS needs.

4/14/14 Meeting

During our 4/14/2014 meeting, Robert Koppelman, partnership development associate at Feeding America, outlined Feeding America's needs...

Main Problem: Representing data via geographic locations
1) Plot food donor locations and recognize closet agencies to needs
a. Desires interactive map ex. click on agency and see name, address, and contact
b. Create code for food pick up frequency
2) Map County wide poverty-related demographics to show potential donors the scope of need. Non-profit with little or no funding to purchase GIS software. GIS Club explored free software and Internet mapping capabilities. We brainstormed ideas of how Feeding America could be self-sustainable in their mapping needs. Robbie was encouraged to sign up for the ESRI nonprofit application (which he did on spot).

Summary We excited Robbie with the potential of GIS applications in his organization. He has great general Google mapping skills and we think with further mentoring he would be have the information, resources, and skills to meet and exceed all the needs of Feeding America.

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Milwaukee River Greenway Coalition Mapping Field Work-April 8, 2013

"Real-Life GIS" Club Meeting-March 27, 2013


Real-Life GIS

Real-Life GIS

Real-Life GIS

Matt Richardson from Milwaukee Data Initiative: "Open Data and GIS"

Real-Life GIS

Dave Horvath from ELM Consulting Group International: "Developing GIS Web and Database Applications"

Real-Life GIS

Anne Ries from the Urban Ecology Center: "Adventures in Eco-Mapping"