Club Meetings and Activities

Urban Ecology Center Mapping Project

The GIS Club will help the Urban Ecology Center map invasive species on 10/30/14 at 4 PM. We're still working out the details. Watch here for updates.

Club Officers

Jana Viel
Julee Mitchell
Keith Krukowski
Martin Ziech

Notices and Events

Planning is underway for the 2014 GIS Day at UWM on Wednesday, 9/19. The web site will soon be open to register for hands-on workshops and for the famous pizze lunch. There's no cost. Until then, see details about the 2013 UWM GIS Day.

GIS Club Members

Your club's officers are:
Hugh Christie
Jana Viel
Julee Mitchell
Patience Farmer

The GIS Club members come from a variety of academic disciplines. Watch here for news about our members.