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Number One Reason To Be Scared This Weekend

[Image] Number One Reason To Be Scared This Weekend

We are moving into one of the most interesting weekends of the year.  Halloween is a time to face our fears head on.  We dress up in our scariest costumes.  We tip-toe through haunted houses filled with nutcases trying to give us a heart attack.  We lose ourselves in corn mazes.  In the process, we become friendly with fear and have fun with it.

And so it will be for the SOIS Stormballs Dodgeball Squad.  The 'Ballers are in 1st place going into the final week of the regular season.  They will be facing the #2 team, Blake's Biceps.  Both teams have a virtual lock on moving into the playoffs.

This Sunday night as all the ghosts and ghouls materialize from the shadows, The SOIS Stormballs will emerge from the League's nightmares in their scariest team jerseys and do their best to give Blake's Biceps a terrifying instant death.  The bloodshed begins Halloween night at 7:30pm in the most frightening place on Earth--- The Klotsche Center dodgeball arena.