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SOIS Dodgeball home opener

The new season has begun for the SOIS Dodgeball squad.  The team is back with some returning vets, some rookies, and a new name with a letter(s) taken from each player’s name: BallDodgers. This time around the team has dug deep into the MLIS pool of talent to increase our opponent’s pain.  Your Spring 2011 roster is:

1.  Gym ‘El Presidente’ Schultz  - senior undergrad SOIS

3.0.  Noah ‘Silencer’ Weckwerth  - grad SOIS

262.  Claire ‘The Glue’ Ehlers  - senior undergrad SOIS minor

411.  Nick ‘SearchNDestroy’ Roche - grad SOIS  Kayvon ‘IT’ Ali  - junior undergrad SOIS

000.  Joel ‘Burgertime’ DesArmo  - grad SOIS

777.  Kristin ‘WTF’ Heins - sophmore undergrad L&S

Z39.50.Anne ‘The Punisher’ Gaynor  - grad SOIS

110110.  Rob ‘Nuclear Sub’ Raasch - senior undergrad SOIS

The season opened up with The SOIS BallDodgers facing league newcomers The Courage Wolves.  Rookie Kristin Heins displayed unbelievable team dedication showing up and playing with an injured right wrist in a brace, allowing The BallDodgers to compete at full strength.  As the initial whistle blew, SOIS co-captain Jim Schultz wasted no time in the intimidation department.  With ice in his veins, Schultz fired a rocket propelled ball directly for a headshot.  “El Presidente” let it be known he is a modern man who does not discriminate as the ref whistled his female target out.  Still, The Courage Wolves stood tall, faced their fears and went on to take the first game.

SOIS dodged back strong in the second game to tie it up, 1-1.  Claire ‘The Glue’ Ehlers made a great play catching a ball while holding a ball, putting a Wolf out and bringing a BallDodger back in, but it wasn’t quite enough as the BallDodgers went down 1-3. 

The match is 7 games long and there was a lot of dodgeball left.  Newcomers to the team and to The School of Information this semester, Noah Weckwerth and former dodgeball ref Nick Roche have vicious cannons and great hands.  Each had great nights with many hits and many catches.  It was visibly evident Anne Gaynor “spent Sunday afternoon knocking out one arm push arms in the park.”  She came ready to play and SOIS was able to bring it back to 2-3. 

The Courage Wolves did not want to let SOIS tie it up.  As the sixth game neared an end, they had a full pack of wolves versus injured Kristin Heins.  Joel DesArmo called a timeout and substituted in The Punisher.  Six against one was too much for anyone though and SOIS went down 2-4.

Behind but not broken, SOIS didn’t give up.  They finished strong winning the final game of the match to end the night 3-4.  When it was all said and done, the players lined up and shook hands.  Overall it was a good first showing for the new SOIS team.  The next game is Wednesday April 13 at 9:30pm in the Klotsche.  Be sure to high5 the team as you see the in the halls.