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Everyone Needs a 30 Minute Recess

The SOIS Stormballers swirled into The Klostche Center ready to play tonight. Teams are only allowed to start with equal numbers of guys and girls, so that meant starting only four for us tonight; two girls and two guys. We would face a full team of six. 
The opponents, the Hot Shots, generously agreed to let SOIS start (still shorthanded but) with everything we had. It would be five of SOIS’ premier student-athletes vs. six Hot Shots in this contest of seven games.
The SOIS Stormballers came out thundering and lightning and quickly took Game 1. It was hailing playground balls everywhere on the Hot Shots. Heavy downpours don’t always last long though.
It quickly looked like the clouds were clearing. SOIS was hearing little birdies chirping all around their melons as the Hot Shots pummeled them the next 1...2...3 games in a row to make the series 1-3 in favor of the Hot Shots.
SOIS had their heads in the game though and did not suffer many, if any, outs for going out of bounds. Mental toughness and I.T. ferocity rained down on the Hot Shots as the Stormballers battled back shorthanded to even up the series at 3-3.
 It all comes down to one game. There’s always just this moment. Tonight it would not be SOIS. Superstar Claire Ehlers was the last SOIS standing and gave everything she had vs. a mob of opponents. The Shots were just a little too hot tonight though, and the opponents marked down a “W” in the record books. SOIS shook hands and marked down a “W” in the fun book.
It was a great game and a great time. Feel free to stop out for our next game Oct 10 at 7pm in the Klostche.