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SOIS Stormballs in Dodgeball Playoffs

[Image] SOIS Stormballs in Dodgeball Playoffs

The SOIS Stormballs Dodgeball squad battled through a brutal season and made it to the playoffs!  At the end of regular season competition, SOIS SB finished 17-11, ranking them in 5th place in the overall full league of 17 teams.  The Sunday division, the Black division, and the Gold division now combine to compete in a unified single elimination tournament.

In the first round of the tourney, SOIS will be playing The Clown Punchers, 18-17, who just barely made it to the big dance.  The only nights The Clowns won their matches were against a couple of teams that did not make the playoffs, so the SOIS 'Ballers have a great chance to advance.

Catch playoff fever this week when you see members of the 'Ballers, classmates, faculty, or staff alike and get pumped with a classic Olde English High Five or better yet, a Top Gun high-low.

The Stormballs are scheduled to play this Wednesday, November 3 at 8:30pm in the Klotsche.