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Outgunned but not outlaughed

[Image] Outgunned but not outlaughed


The SOIS Stormballs Dodgeball squad marched into the UWM Klotsche Center Wednesday night  ready to play.  They had spent a season eating Wheaties and doing one arm pushups.  These student-athletes studied the strategies, they watched the films, they visualized the win. 


Now their hearts were beating a little bit faster.  Their palms a little bit sweatier.  The game balls were a little bit fresher.  They took the court at 8:30pm facing the Clown Punchers.  Only one team would advance.


From the instant the first whistle blew, The ‘Ballers knew their opponent was no circus act.  The Clowns had canons for arms, and hands like glue.  SOIS was playing shorthanded with only 5 players, but it likely did not make much difference. 


The Stormballs’ co-captain Kaitlin Lewis had an incredible play for the highlight reel, hitting two Clowns with one throw in the second game.  But the discount 2-4-1 sale would not last.  The Clown Punchers quickly raised the price of admission to the circus.  They gouged the SOIS Stormballs right onto the sidelines in four straight games. 


So ends the first season of the SOIS Stormballs Intramural Dodgeball squad.  As one season ends, a new one is around the corner. The SOISorgs plan to put together another team for the Spring semester.  The score won’t matter.   It never does.  This Game is open to anyone with a Klotsche membership.


See you on the court.