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An Amazing Project

I’m working on getting a team together for the <fun>UWM Intramural Dodgeball league</fun>.  It’s <schedule>Monday and Wednesday nights</schedule> starting <startDate>April 11</startDate> in the <location>UWM Klostche center</location>. The regular season only last <duration>2 ½ weeks</duration>. The games start between <time>7 and 9:30pm</time>, but I think we will try to request to play at like 8:30pm  Each night the match is seven 5-minute games and lasts about 30 minutes.  The balls are almost like nerf, they are really soft.  There’s no experience or skill or athletic ability required. It’s just to have some fun.  The deadline for signup is this Friday. A team is a minimum of 6 and maximum of 12, although only 6 play at a time, at least 3 female. Right now i think we have about 4 guys and only 1 girl.  I think you should email me back that you are playing. You should also tell your friends to play and to also email me.

This would be an awesome linked people project mashing up librarians and the world's most awesome playground game ever-dogeball.

Remember to stretch