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Dodgeball: end of regular season

The SOIS Dodgeball team had one of its best nights and one of its worst nights tonight as the BallDodgers faced the Ninjas in the final match of the regular season.

The Good
Sam ‘IronWoman’ Stark found herself all alone at the end of one of the early games.  She faced an army of Ninjas singlehandedly.  As they unloaded on her, Sam fearlessly caught one of their rockets, putting a Ninja out and bringing a BallDodger back in.  The Ninjas shoot again. The BallDodgers catch again.  It was unbelievable.  The crowd was going wild.  SOIS had momentum and velcro hands. Catch after catch, they were bringing back players. SOIS MVP Nick ‘SearchNDestroy’ Roche made it back on the court.  As the two sides waged an epic battle, they both were eventually  whittled back down to one-on-one.  Finally, it was a single massive  Ninja master vs. the BallDodger’s Head Librarian, Nick Roche.  The game clock was ticking down.
Fifty seconds left.
Both competitors firing and dodging.
Thirty seconds left.
It’s a chess match of death.
Fifteen seconds left.
SOIS has seen matches end in fifteen seconds, but never ever had only fifteen seconds left.
Nine seconds left.
Ninjas launch a heat seeker that finds its target.
Game goes to the Ninjas. But oh so close, and oh so exciting.
The match continued with many great plays.  Several included Gym Schultz, semi-restricted but still laying down the law in a pair of non-dodgeball-approved jeans.  “El Presidente’s “ commitment to the team is unquestioned as he was running late, but still determined to make The Game.  For Schultz, if that means denim, then demin it is.  It’s not clear how he survived, but the meat and two veg packed in a bluejean lunchbox lived to see another day. Tonight also saw Anne Gaynor pounding opponents on behalf of all of SOIS and getting her first catch of the season. Noah Weckwerth also had several great catches.  And these Ninjas had some of the fastest canons SOIS has seen.
The Bad
In the very last game of the night, Claire Ehlers was one of two DodgeBallers left.  A huge hulking Ninja launched a wickedly fast ball that unfortunately caught Claire directly in the face on the nose.  Timeout was called.  It was instantly painful for all the players and all of the officials on the court.  Claire took a shot from probably one of the hardest throwers in the league but stayed standing.  It is not easy to see a teammate hurt. Claire was hurt and she iced her face.  Everyone paused. Claire was out of the game.
Send Claire an email or wish her well in the halls.  She is an incredible player that loves The Game.
The Ugly
With 5 wins and 30 loses, the SOIS BallDodgers are once again in the playoffs.