SOIS Student Org Letterhead

July 2010 Meeting Agenda

Topic  Time Allotted: 5 Minutes
-President's Report  
-Vice President's Report
-Treasurer's Report
-Communications Manager's Report
-Member-at-Large Report
-Marketing Report
-PhD Rep Report
-BSIR Rep Report
New Business  Time Allotted: 55 Minutes

  * BBQ/Potluck - Aug 20
  * SOIS Booth at state fair, volunteers needed - Aug 7
  * LAN/WAN Party (via SUSO) - Fall 2010
  * Mentoring program update
  * PantherTube
  * UWM Professor rating system
  * LAN School classroom management software, for more info see
  * Other events/issues - see below


SOIS Org Events and Issues for 2010-2011

·       Thesis Workshop

o Round table discussion with students and faculty

o What you should do to prep for the thesis

o What is being looked for in a good thesis

·       Job workshop/boot camp

o Resume help via SOIS and CDC

o Roundtable with professionals, what they are looking for in a candidate

o How to interview; DE Student’s Skype in at scheduled times

o Partner with SOIS AA Chapter

·       Meet & Great (beginning of Fall/Spring)

o Free food and drink in Bolton 521

o Hold at the Rec Center (alternate to 521)

·       SOIS Town Hall

o Do all questions this time around

o Encourage video questions

·       SOIS Faculty/Staff Recognition

o survey students for outstanding instructors

o add to current SOIS recognition ceremony

·       Online Meetup

o Survey feedback from DE Students suggested that they want some sort of online meetup to allow them to talk, meet one another in a ‘face-to-face’ format.

o There is a tiny chat room available

Issues to work on:

·       More SOIS Computer Lab Hours

·       Mentoring program for DE Students

o Prepping proposal for SOIS

·       SOIS needs to have a better connection with the CDC

o Help students find work after/during school

o Constant resource and good for networking

o Partner with SOIS AA Chapter

·       Research and present the possibility for a portfolio option

·       Better advertise campus resources to ALL students

o Currently being addressed by SOIS Web Dev Team

·       Summer/winter held comps

o Usually too few participants to hold comps session

·       Reorganize the lounge

o See Attached Proposal

·       ALL SOIS talks/speakers need to be streamed

o Currently Being Addressed by SOIS Web Dev & SOIS IR Teams

·       GI Bill and DE Fees

o GI Bill will not pay for DE fees ß being looked into now by Dean Hope

·       All SOIS Classes in should have a syllabi attached to the class

Student Lounge Reorganization

General Forum

~ Coffee Shop
Desc: Anything not related to Grad School, SOIS, Careers, Comps, Thesis, Libraries, the information profession aka Real Life

~ Grad School Survival
Desc: Help your fellow students figure out how to survive. Talk about classes and receive first hand ideas from other students about class offerings.

~ Book Club
Desc: Talk about your favorite books. Suggest a title and discuss. Create your own little forum for Sci-Fi, Fantasy, YA, Library lit, Non-Fiction.

~Meet Up!
Desc: State where you live - if you so choose - and perhaps learn of others that are in the SOIS program in your neck of the woods. Planning on going to a convention? Want to see if anyone else is going? Trying to arrange for a ride or a roommate? This is the place to post!

~ Classifieds
Desc: Buy, Sell, Swap Textbooks & Stuff

Career Planning

~ Job Postings
Desc: Know of any job openings? Share with your cohorts!

~ Resources
Desc: Share websites, career articles, and blogs about planning your career; or discuss career tips, writing resumes, interview tips. Don’t forget about the Career Development Center (CDC) [] they can help you fix your resume and go over interviewing strategies. There is also pantherJOBS [], “UWM's primary resource for connecting UWM students and alumni with local and national employers”.

~ Internships
Desc: Paid experience - no credits

~ Fieldwork
Desc: Unpaid experience - earns credits

Student Organizations

~ MLIS Org – Input Area
Desc: Ideas for future events? Questions you have and no idea who to ask? Post your ideas here and the SOIS MLIS Org will look into it.

~ MLIS Org – For Distance Learners
Desc: Distance Education Representation: We're here to serve you. Please, use this forum to tell us how we can do that!

~ The Perfect Distance Ed Class
Desc: If you could, how would you design the perfect online class?

~ Society of American Archivists (SAA) – General Information
Desc: The SOIS Student Chapter of the Society of American Archivists

~ Society of American Archivists (SAA) – Meeting Minutes
Desc: The SOIS Student Chapter of the Society of American Archivists Meeting Minutes

~ Society of American Archivists (SAA) – Professional Development
Desc: conferences, internships, etc.

Last Semester Planning

~ Comps

~ Thesis

~ Graduation Information

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
~ Academic Libraries  

~ Archives Concentration or CAS  

~ Information Law, Policy and Ethics Concentrations  

~ Information Technology (IT) Concentration  

~ Organization of Information Concentration  

~ Public Libraries  

~ School Media Specialists  

~ Special Libraries

~ Young Adult