SOIS Student Org Letterhead

Agenda: Sept 17, 2010 Meeting

--Team Builder Activity (5-10 minutes)

--President’s Report: Robert Nunez
 *Going on RANDOM Tangents during Meeting
 *Video Recording/Streaming
 *Resume Workshop
 *Service/Philanthropy Ideas
 *Helping the 101 Class
 *Wii Party
 *A Physical Lounge Space

--Vice President’s Report: Amanda Burns
 *Bowling Night
 *Book Cart Drill Team
 *Posted Lab Hours

--Secretary’s Report: Allison

--Treasury Report: Robert Nunez
 *High Interest Account?

--Members at Large

--Online Representatives

--Doctoral Representative

--IST Representative
 *Calendar of Events

--Old Business
 *LAN School
 -How is this working
out so far?
 *New SOIS Site
 -Thoughts on it? Do you
like it? Is it helpful to
 -Any updates?

--New Business
 *Office & Office Hours
 *Committee Assignments
 *Set Meeting Times
 -Bi-Weekly: Friday’s at