SOIS Student Org Letterhead

July 2010 Meeting Recap

 Meeting called by: Robert Nunez                 Type of meeting: Planning
Attendees: Ed Benoit, Robert Nunez, Sharon Lake, Jim Schultz, and Amanda Burns

Meeting called to order
Approval of prior minutes—postponed to next meeting
Officer Reports—postponed to next meeting

New Business
•  LAN/WAN Party (via SUSO)—Fall 2010

o  Jim Schultz discussed the efforts of the SUSO to launch a pilot event toward the end of September.
o  The party will play Counterstrike

•  LAN School classroom management software

o  Jim Schultz and Rob Nunez briefly introduced the new classroom management software for SOIS.
o  A discussion continued regarding the potential use/misuse of the system with all attendees participating.
o  Further information can be found at

•  Mentoring Program Update

o  Rob Nunez contacted the First Year Center (FYC) to discuss how they operate a mentor program
o  He suggested a possible pilot program for SOIS, especially for distance education students
o  Sharon Lake raised concerns over duplicative efforts within SOIS
o  Further discussion continued and will be addressed at a future meeting

•  New SOIS Website

o  Rob Nunez noted the new SOIS website should be operational by the end of August

•  SOIS Booth at State Fair

o  The State Fair booth needs volunteers. Look for an email from Daniel Rude regarding this item.
o  [email was sent out July 20th]

•  BBQ/Potluck

o  To be held August 20th
o  SUSO to spearhead this version
o  Naming discussion concluded on “BBQ 2.0,” although some noted the geekiness of the name
o  Posters to come soon
o  SOIS will pay for rental of the Gazebo in the park

•  PantherTube

o  Rob Nunez discussed the soft launch of “PantherTube” (tentative name) in December
o  Similar to both UTunes and Youtube, it will provided aggregated video from UWM

•  SOIS Faculty/Staff Recognition

o  Potential program for student nominated/voted recognition of faculty/staff
o  Awards given during SOIS recognition ceremony
o  Further discussion at next meeting

•  GI Bill and DE Fees

o  Sharon Lake updated the group on UWM efforts in this area
o  Complicated due to the number of programs, and restrictions
o  Solutions require state/federal legislation

•  Syllabus Uploading/Professor Rating

o  Briefly discussed and pushed to next meeting

•  Student Lounge Reorganization

o  Several elements within the student lounge will be reorganized for efficiency and to reduce clutter in the fall
•  Thesis Workshop (discussion postponed to next meeting)
•  Job Workshop (discussion postponed to next meeting)
•  Meet and Greet (discussion postponed to next meeting)
•  SOIS Town Hall (discussion postponed to next meeting)

Meeting adjourned