SOIS Student Org Letterhead

Oct 12, 2011 Meeting Minutes

Call to Order:

             Date: Wednesday, October 12th, 2011
             Time: 12:15pm


Present: Amanda Burns (president), Amanda Liske (treasurer), Sharon Lake (advisor), Jim Schultz, Katie Haasch (secretary), Steven Colagiovanni, Hyelim Song, Eleanor Peterson, Bethany Fuller, Samantha Stark (vice-president)

Absent: NA

Excused: Rob Nunez

Quorum: Yes

Minutes: from September 27, 2011

            1st: Eleanor Peterson
            2nd: Steven Colagiovanni
Passed: Yes

For the Good of the Order:

            SOIS Wii Night: Friday, October 14th, 2011, 4:00pm – 7:00pm in Bolton Hall 521


            President: Welcome to all the new students to the SOIS Graduate organization!

            Vice-President: NA

            Treasurer: As of end of September SOIS GSO account at $141.50

            Secretary: NA


Committee Reports:

            Academic Planning (Katie H.): NA

            Graduate Program and Curriculum (Katie H.): Meeting scheduled for October 12th was cancelled.

            Diversity (Rob N.): NA

            Awards & Admission (Amanda B.): NA

            Research (Amanda B.): Loretta Henderson named chair

-       Talked about gaining interest in student research. Goal is to have students and faculty work closely especially graduate students

-       Research day October 29th Saturday, possible keystone speaker (still in the works)

-       Proposals due October 21st

-       Currently, Research Day is advertised through fliers, emails and posters

-       Looking for suggestions to gain more interest. One possible suggestion is using a proposal slogan.

-       Any suggestions please email Amanda Burns at

            Faculty Council (Amanda B.): Meetings are on Fridays, at the time no new reports

            MLIS Proficiency (Amanda L.): NA


Old Business:

Constitution- Katie Haasch is the chair of the committee charged with reviewing the current SOIS GSO constitution and By-laws to what the Student Association has on file for the organization. As of Monday October 10th, 2011 Katie H. emailed the SA asking for information to obtain the current copy and is still waiting as of October 12, 2011. Issue is tabled until next meeting.


New Business:

1.     MLIS Mentoring Program

                                                        i.     Partnership between current MLIS students and incoming students  to UWM (onsite)

                                                      ii.     Possibility of joining with the Doctorial program as well (Sharon will be speaking with a representative on this).

                                                     iii.     This program was thought of a few years ago but failed to carry through due to the students graduating / never officially starting

                                                     iv.     Would need to look at logistics for carrying over from semester to semester

                                                      v.     Currently have a draft of the mentoring program from a few years ago

                                                     vi.     Tabled until we hear or talk to the Doctorial program representative.


2.     MLIS Orientation – November 11, 2011 8:00 am to Lunch

a.     Student Panel Needed – if interested please email by October 28th, 2011.


3.     Fundraising – funds needed to have for any future events

a.     Amanda Liske- researched several different fundraiser ideas the organization can do

                                                        i.     Krispy Kreme has 4 types to choose from – will need more information on the initial cost to start.

1.     Donut Sale

2.     Sell Certificates to buy 1 dozen donuts

3.     Partnership Cards – Customer can use up to 10 times purchasing donuts

4.     Sell Coffee – would be selling bags of coffee not hot coffee—profit would be $3 per bag

                                                      ii.     Hand out fliers for Restaurants and spilt a profit with the restaurant when customers hand in the flier.

1.     Possible restaurants include: Buffalo Wild Wings, McDonalds, Wendy’s, Culvers and Sonic

                                                     iii.     Massages

1.     Co-op with a massage school, students of massage school need so many hours to get certified

2.     Offered during either midterm or finals

3.     Would split the profits with the massage school

4.     More information is being gathered by Samantha S.

                                                     iv.     Bake Sale / Book Sale

1.     Faculty would be asked to contribute treats for the sale

2.     Org members can donate books, movies and music to be sold with the baked goodies.

3.     Possibility of pairing with another organization

4.     Potential dates is the week of November 28th- December 2nd most likely will be on Thursday December 1st.  Sharon will take care of reserving the Breezeway

5.     Baked goods will need to have food allergies identified, some goodies need to be either gluten-free or vegetarian

4.     Social Events

a.     Wii Party – Friday October 14th, 2011 at 4pm

b.     Textbook Swap

                                                        i.     A chance for students to swap books with other students for textbooks needed in the coming semester

                                                      ii.     Possibly would be held after registration which starts November 21st.

                                                     iii.     Possibly around December 5th-9th.

                                                     iv.     More information will soon follow; Amanda B. will be looking into classroom space. At next meeting a date and time will be set.


5.     Educational Events

a.     SOIS Open House / Coffee with the Deans / Town hall Meeting with the Deans

                                                        i.     Previous Open House or Coffee with the Deans held in the Library every semester, live streamed, distance students are able to email questions

                                                      ii.     Previous open houses have been beneficial to MLIS students. For an example, the Proficiency exam changed due to student concerns

                                                     iii.     SOIS GSO will plan the date and Evelyn will reserve a time with all three deans – D. Wolfram, Q. Lee, and C. Zahrt.

b.     WLA – First week in November 1st-4th

                                                        i.     Open house at the Pabst Mansion on November 2nd, Thursday 5:30-7:30pm. Students will get the chance to meet with past professors

                                                      ii.     Hasn’t been in Milwaukee since 2003!

                                                     iii.     As an MLIS student, you are automatically a member of the SOIS GSO and the WLA Student Chapter. Both of which look good on resumes.


6.     Promotion of GSO

a.     Classroom Visits

                                                        i.     We will split up classrooms and visit classrooms advertising the organization

b.     SOIS GSO brochures handed out

Next meetings are on November 9th, 2011 at 12:15pm, December 14th, 2011 at 12:15pm in Bolton 540. Hope to see you there!  Any questions please contact president Amanda Burns at

Meeting closed at 1:38 pm.

Meeting minutes written and complied by Katie Haasch, SOIS GSO secretary.