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Automatic Lease Renewals

Avoid getting stuck in your lease! Read this and follow the instructions!

An “Automatic Lease Renewal” (ALR) sets a date that you must let the landlord know if you are continuing with the lease agreement after your current lease expires or if you plan to move out. This notice must be written. The ALR date is typically 60 days from the end of the lease, BUT IT CAN VARY, which makes it imperative that you check your lease.

An ALR is enforceable. If you do not timely and properly give your landlord written notice your lease will automatically renew on a month-to-month, or longer, basis meaning you could be responsible for additional rent monies.

A landlord is required by law to remind you if you have the ALR in your lease and at least 15 but no more than 30 days before the ALR would go into effect . The notice must be in written form and delivered to the tenant in one of several ways including :

1.Giving the notice to the tenant personally.
2.Leaving a copy with a competent person who is residing at the rental property and then mailing a copy to the tenant’s last known address.
3.Mailing a copy of the notice by certified mail to the tenants last known address.

Similarly a tenant’s notice must be in writing and be timely served on the landlord in one of the following ways

1.Giving the notice to the landlord personally.
2.Leaving a copy with a competent person apparently in charge of the landlord’s regular place of business.

3.Sending by certified or registered mail.

The University Legal Clinic provides a properly formatted notice letter. Click here to download a copy. It is a fillable form. Simply click on the blanks and type in the corresponding information. The University Legal Clinic recommends sending the notice via certified mail. However, when mailing your notice, you must add 3 days to the notice period. That means if your lease requires 60 day notice, you must mail the notice 3 days before the 60 days notice is due.