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The Swedish Online project was started to meet the growing need for Swedish college courses around the country. Built on a unique intercollegiate sharing model, the Swedish Online Project offers advanced Swedish studies to complement and enhance the Scandinavian Studies courses offered at participating colleges and institutions.

The Swedish Online pilot project allows college students from across the United States to take Swedish classes online from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, with the credits transferring back to the student’s home institution.

Students can advance further in their language studies, beyond the first two years of language classes currently offered at the majority of Institutions and may be able to obtain a minor through the program in the future. The e-learning format also offers exciting new possibilities in topics that are generally not available in Swedish Studies programs such as Swedish Linguistics and Swedish Literature.

Online Advantage. E-learning offers exciting new possibilities to Swedish Studies as it enables programs to offer courses in underrepresented study topics, for example Swedish Linguistics and Swedish Literature. Explore the courses offered.
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