MereteMerete Leonhardt-Lupa, M.A., has worked in Swedish Language and Culture Studies for the past twenty years, both as a language instructor and an English to Swedish translator. She has a keen interest in supporting the development of high quality online resources for language learning, continually seeking new ways to enhance her instruction with computer mediated learning tools. She was a founding partner in the Swedish Online Project at its inception in 2010. In addition to her commitment as a UWM online language instructor, Merete teaches beginning and intermediate Swedish courses at Andersen Language Technology Center at University of Colorado-Boulder.  Merete.Leonhardt-Lupa@colorado.edu

 lundbackVeronica Lundback, M.A., is is originally from Kalix, Sweden, and coordinates the Scandinavian Studies Certificate Program at UWM. She first came to UWM as a graduate student in 2001 but moved back to Sweden after receiving her degree in Linguistics. Veronica subsequently returned to UWM in 2007 to teach Swedish Language courses, seminars in Scandinavian Society and Culture, and German. She is very engaged in distance education as an education form. Lundbäck has developed and implemented the curriculum (incorporating Swedish for Immigrants, Swedish as a second language, and entrepreneurship) within the project Swedish for Entrepreneurs(SFF), Solna Stad, and has served on multiple advisory boards on language teaching, online language teaching, distance education, and language standards. Her academic interests range from language and language learning to mythology, fairy tales, literature and film - the common denominator being how social and cultural identity shape and are shaped by what we observe, say, read and watch. She is completely addicted to coffee and has a possibly unhealthy interest in reading stories about vampires and other things that ‘go bump in the night’. lundback@uwm.edu